The best dishes on the Planet
The best dishes on the Planet Not the most logical, but a well-known Eastern parable says about the cook who made from ordinary beef tongue is the sweetest and most…

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Cane sugar
Brown sugar gourmet Modern people almost all become gourmets, because the coarse and tasteless food has gone. Now not enough meals were healthy and nutritious, it is necessary that they…

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Exotic spices on the Eastern markets


Modern cuisine of most countries of the world today just cannot be imagined without spices. Where, how and when did various spices. Not stop to argue with cooks around the world, but the fact remains – the birthplace of most of them is India. In addition, his “contribution” to the dissemination of the spices brought and Khan El-Khalili is the oldest and most famous market of the East. And when it comes to it, we immediately submitted the most enticing and the most pungent flavours! This Bazaar is famous for in the fourteenth century, and knew about him literally every trader, not only Eastern countries.

Now in order to buy literally any, even the most exotic spice, such, for example, as asafoetida. we just have to go to the supermarket. But did you know that in the middle ages, several centuries ago, the people of the North and the West had to eat solely bland and tasteless meals? And in order to get at least some pleasure from food, they enjoyed not for its taste or quality of food preparation and high volume! On the table served as many dishes as they could fit on it. Imagine what would happen if European countries began to import Oriental spices. In Europe began booming. And all this despite the fact that this precious commodity came not in bags, and just Continue reading

The most exotic fruits

Today already you will surprise nobody with the tours to the most exotic countries. And a natural part of these trips is to get acquainted with exotic dishes, vegetables and fruits.

I want to include here the most exotic fruits that you can try without damage to health.

1. Jackfruit – jackfruit

Native to southwestern India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Also grows in Australia. Jackfruit – the tallest fruit tree, the fruits of which reach 90 cm in length and 50 cm in diameter. Weight of one fruit can reach 35 kg.

From the outside the fruit is green when ripe turns yellow. Inside it consists of large yellow lobes resembling a banana, which are smooth oval light brown seeds.

Fully ripe fruit smells like rotten onions on the outside, the flesh tastes like pineapple, but milder.

Jackfruit is widely sold in canned form and in the form of chips.

Wood is used to make musical instruments, and the fetus is part of many Asian dishes.

2. Durian

The birthplace of the “king of fruits” — Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia.

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Quick and delicious salads

Quick and delicious salads – don’t miss out

Salad “Striped”

Quick and delicious salads can be prepared easily and pleasantly. The products are simple, time don’t take much. They offer a snack very high in calories, it can fill you up without adding neither a first course nor the second. The more this salad is beautiful and delicious!

We need

Cut six strips of bacon, half a Cup of yogurt, tbsp olive oil, finely chopped garlic clove, half tsp. salt, two sliced into strips of kochanchiki salad “Romen”, two cups of diced chicken (boiled or grilled), a Cup of halved cherry tomatoes, diced avocado, three hundred grams of cheese.

What to do with it

To visarite bacon until crispy, remove excess oil with a paper towel, when cool – cut into smaller pieces. Whisk yogurt with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and salt. Salad leaves with two tablespoons of yoghurt sauce tightly to cover the bottom of serving dishes. Top rows put the rest of the products like the picture: cheese, bacon, chicken, tomatoes and avocado. Pour the sauce and serve immediately.

Salad with plums and cheese

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