The most expensive dishes in the world
The most expensive dishes in the world The superiority of the most expensive dishes in the world belongs to the dessert of the restaurant "Serendipity 3" in new York city…

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Quick salads
Quick salads you need for situations where it is expected the arrival of unexpected guests, just no time to cook. These salads you can treat yourself and family in the…

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Recipes quick and easy appetizers


If you are confused as to how to make snacks tasty and quick, then you here! In this section of our culinary journal to your attention presents quick and easy recipes of appetizers, which will take a worthy place on your Desk and the cookbook, and made from simple inexpensive ingredients. If you are looking for recipes for an upcoming celebration or you want to diversify your everyday dinner, be sure to look for the recipe quick snacks with. Ability to prepare quick snacks on the table of low-cost products which are always in the fridge,spese, when on the threshold of an unexpected guest.

Didn’t plan to cook authentic, simple, and light meals from inexpensive products? We are ready to convince you! Earlier in the role of easy and quick snacks were exclusively cold food, which did not require special training. So, giving a quick and easy appetizer, initially limited to chopped raw vegetables, fruit, herbs, or foods that have been processed, but served cold. These included smoked or salted fish, ham, sausage, jellies. Today the concept of snacks is much wider, and their recipes were filled with an incredible variety. With very many recipes to cook easily from the most simple and inexpensive products. Modern quick and tasty snacks, to cook Continue reading

Delicious quick salads


Salad from a green radish

green radish – one tuber,

onion – couple onions,

chicken eggs – one egg,

ham (or bacon, sausage) – 50 grams

Apple – one,

vegetable oil,


Cook hard-boiled egg. Cool. To clear, cut cubes.

Radish RUB on to small grater. The juice that escaped in the process, you need to press.

Turnip onion peel and cut into polyolefine. The pan to the heat, add the onion and fry it in vegetable oil. It should become a little Golden. Cool.

Cut the ham into cubes.

The Apple cut into sticks.

All of the ingredients except the fried onions, mix well. Then the salad just mayonnaise. Sprinkle fried onion salad. No more jumble!

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The most expensive dishes in the world


From the news: “on Tuesday, October 7, in London has prepared the most expensive hamburger in the world. Called this creation “Hamburger”. To justify its high cost (about 1.8 thousand dollars), the restaurant offers its visitors a glamorous sandwich on the menu with a buffet of delicacies”.

covered this news presented and other examples of exclusive food. The list of the most expensive dishes in the world impressed me. Happy to share with you.

Begin with an overview of culinary delights with the Very-Very-Ugly-Can-Expensive-Burger. Here it is, Krasavchik:

Again, to quote the news: “Burger made at the restaurant Honky Tonk in the suburbs of London, as the most expensive in the world. In addition of 220 grams of Wagyu beef and 60 grams of new Zealand venison, among the ingredients — bacon, maple syrup, brie cheese, green tea, smoked duck egg and Iranian saffron. The bun is sprinkled with white truffle shavings. The cost of the Burger is almost 1.8 thousand dollars, and the nutritional value of 2.6 thousand calories.”

Continue? Roll with gold, caviar and lobster, sir! You 160 dollars.

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How to quickly cook beets
How fast boil beets, to become soft Boil the beets can be much faster than we used to think Boiled beets – a product that comes in many delicious and…

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Expensive meals capital of the world
The most expensive dishes from the gastronomic capital of the world - Tokyo Many consider the gastronomic capital of the world is Paris, but they are wrong because this is…