What to cook for dinner fast and delicious
Choose delicious and easy recipes for dinner in a hurry. 1. Rolls with salmon Prigotovleni I: 15 minutes. 200 g smoked salmon or salmon, 2 eggs, 150 g of green…

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What to cook for dinner fast and delicious
Choose delicious and easy recipes for dinner in a hurry. 1. Rolls with salmon Prigotovleni I: 15 minutes. 200 g smoked salmon or salmon, 2 eggs, 150 g of green…

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Lasagna with minced meat

Lasagna with minced meat

Lasagna is one of the most beautiful dishes of Italian cuisine. Not easy, millions of people around the world can’t resist its delicious taste and aroma.

Make delicious lasagna is a kind of art, because as you know, the lasagna consists of several layers, each of which is filled with its stuffing. And today, we can prepare the best lasagna with minced meat.

Despite the fact that there are so many variations of this dish, I suggest you to stay at its traditional components, namely minced beef, Bechamel sauce and Parmesan cheese.

To prepare lasagna with meat we will need one onion, minced meat (pork or beef), Parmesan cheese, parsley, tomato paste, lasagna noodles, spices and of course, a little bit of love.

Preparation: 30 PM

Cooking: 30 PM

Preparation: 60 m.

Ingredients for lasagna with minced meat

How to cook lasagna with minced meat

In order to prepare a delicious lasagna with minced meat, we need finely chop the onion and fry it in olive oil until Golden brown.

Once our bow is ready, it must add the mince and do not forget to salt and pepper it to your liking.

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Quick appetizer Boats

Quick snack “the Boat”

– some eggs;

– mayonnaise;

– 100 g of hard cheese;

– lettuce leaves / sprig of parsley for decoration

Quick snack “the Boat”

Hello, dear readers vipvkusnyashka. The appearance of the dish can lift your mood, increase your appetite. Therefore, there are many ways jewelry in the culinary arts. From simple products you can do very beautiful things, i.e. food.

Many children do not eat very well, but if you give them a beautifully cooked dish, they will eat it for both cheeks. So right now I will tell you how long to cook very tasty and quick appetizer “Boat”.

Eggs boil, cool in running cold water. After they completely cooled, we will easily be able to clean them from the shell. If pieces of the shell stuck to the squirrel, wash the egg in water, and it will be again as new.

The next stage of our culinary creativity will be cutting the eggs in half on the “boat”. Further, with the help of sirotci cut thin as many slices of cheese as you want to make ships.

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Meatless meals

Meatless meals

Meatless meals on our table – that’s what I wanted to talk about today. Now many have begun to observe lent and other Fasts. It seems to me that this decision comes after a lot of thought. Fasting must become a need and not some torture of his own body. If hold the Post and can’t wait for it to end — it is better not to start. Post in my humble opinion – this time a Frank conversation with yourself and the Universe, the harmonization of your inner self with your outer self. And rejection of high-calorie non fast food becomes the only support of the process and not its essence. Because Fasting to eat still need back to the topic of meatless meals .

When the trees were large, and my dad — a little boy lost in the mountain village came a stranger. At the time, such Wanderers were not uncommon even in the wilds of the Caucasus mountains. Lent stood the terrible 1933, and from meatless dishes and all of the food on the table were only dried pears. In my father’s family was raised seven brothers and sisters and four foster children, adopted into the family after the death of their parents. Despite the ominous hunger with a Stranger shared his meager stock of food, which was. Boiling water and dried pear became a simple treat.

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Meat and meat products
Meat and meat products Due to its high nutritional and taste qualities of meat is the most valuable food products. Meat is the most popular and demanded product in the…

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Exotic dishes of different countries of the world
  The highest number of exotic dishes, of course, Asia. It seems that there can be prepared in literally everything! For example, in some countries of South-East Asia can offer…