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Quick salads
Quick salads you need for situations where it is expected the arrival of unexpected guests, just no time to cook. These salads you can treat yourself and family in the…

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Expensive meals capital of the world
The most expensive dishes from the gastronomic capital of the world - Tokyo Many consider the gastronomic capital of the world is Paris, but they are wrong because this is…

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Meatless meals

Meatless meals

Meatless meals on our table – that’s what I wanted to talk about today. Now many have begun to observe lent and other Fasts. It seems to me that this decision comes after a lot of thought. Fasting must become a need and not some torture of his own body. If hold the Post and can’t wait for it to end — it is better not to start. Post in my humble opinion – this time a Frank conversation with yourself and the Universe, the harmonization of your inner self with your outer self. And rejection of high-calorie non fast food becomes the only support of the process and not its essence. Because Fasting to eat still need back to the topic of meatless meals .

When the trees were large, and my dad — a little boy lost in the mountain village came a stranger. At the time, such Wanderers were not uncommon even in the wilds of the Caucasus mountains. Lent stood the terrible 1933, and from meatless dishes and all of the food on the table were only dried pears. In my father’s family was raised seven brothers and sisters and four foster children, adopted into the family after the death of their parents. Despite the ominous hunger with a Stranger shared his meager stock of food, which was. Boiling water and dried pear became a simple treat.

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The best dishes on the Planet

The best dishes on the Planet

Not the most logical, but a well-known Eastern parable says about the cook who made from ordinary beef tongue is the sweetest and most bitter dish, with the same recipe. On the puzzled questions feasting he replied: “The sweet dish — the word that speaks your language, and the hitter is also the word that you speak their language”. And that is a wise choice. And absolutely nothing is explained in fact. That, however, too wise: but he did not want to open every each of their professional secrets! And if you try to do without tales and allegories, then.

The sweetest dish

Revenge. Joke. As experience shows, the Avengers also requires a balanced diet. With sugar, preferably with honey. Fresh honey is sweeter than sucrose in 2,5 times and has at least 3 kinds of sugars (of course, if the bees gathered from flowers, and not with master feeders). Interestingly, the sweetest substance in the world, 2 isomer of thaumatin (3000 times sweeter than sucrose) virtually does not affect the sweetness of the honey from Ghana and Nigeria where the spread is the only source of thaumatin, shrub katemfe. Since thaumatin contained in the fruit (about 6 mg per kilo), and the bees are dealing with flowers.

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Meat and meat products

Meat and meat products

Due to its high nutritional and taste qualities of meat is the most valuable food products. Meat is the most popular and demanded product in the human diet. Nutritional value of meat is determined by the fact that it is a carrier full of animal protein and fat. Some of the contained nutrients for its nutritional value, balance, composition and properties cannot be replaced by consumption of other food. In addition to full of animal protein and fat in meat contains extractives, mineral substances, water-soluble and clotting proteins, and also vitamins and mineral salts. Among the important minerals in the composition of meat includes iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, iodine, etc. With meat in the body come vitamins – thiamin, Riboflavin, pyridoxine, choline, Niacin and pantotenova acid, Tocopherols, as well as a broad complex of vitamin b: B1, B2, B3, B6, B12. Meat contains nitrogenous and nitrogen-free extractive substances extracted from the water during cooking. Themselves extractives nutritional value of almost have no, but serve as strong stimulants of gastric secretion, contributing to improved appetite and better digestion.

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10 most delicious salads

Selection of 10 most delicious salads! Taking not to lose!

Monday, 21 October 2013 17:38 + quotation collection

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Selection of 10 most delicious salads! Taking not to lose!

1. Salad with egg and ham


– 400-500 g smoked ham

– 1 sweet pepper

– 1 cucumber

– 1 Bank (350 g) canned corn

– small bunch of fresh dill

– mayonnaise

– salt

1. Prepare the ingredients: cook hard-boiled eggs, wash peppers, cucumber and dill in cold water, drain water from corn.

2. Slice the eggs in a large bowl. Add the corn and stir.

3. Slice the ham into thin long pieces and add them to the bowl.

4. Cut the pepper into strips. Peel the cucumber, cut it in half lengthwise and slice into thin slices. Add everything in a bowl.

5. Chop fresh dill and add to the salad. All mix, salt to taste, then add the mayonnaise and mix again.

Bon appétit!

2. Salad “Tbilisi”


1 Bank of red beans,

200-250 grams of boiled beef (take lean piece weighing 300 grams, boil in salted water an hour and a half),

1 medium red onion,

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Meat balls

“Meat balls”. Recipe meat in pastry

I want to offer you a recipe of very original dishes with interesting name “Meat balls”. The basis of glomeruli taken the usual minced meat, preparing it, and as for burgers, shell and meat filling will puff yeast-free dough, sliced into thin strips-“threads”. Attracts this dish of dough and meat not only adults but also children. A very similar dish – chicken legs in puff pastry. Also delicious and beautiful.

It is cooked very simply and quickly. The dough for the shell can be bought in any supermarket already prepared and packaged, has already cut the plates that you should only roll in length. But if you have enough time to prepare, the dough can be prepared and most.

“Meat balls” is a dish in haste, a great Breakfast dish. lunch and dinner, and just snack, don’t require a side dish. There are two types of coiling of the dough with the meat, first, this is when the dough completely covers the stuffing, but some juice will leak into the pan, and the second way is when the dough completely covers the stuffing, and all the juice stays in the middle under the crust. Which option you like more, up to you to choose. You can experiment with the stuffing, add spices and herbs as desired.

The ingredients for the dish “Meat in dough “Meat balls””:

– 2 medium-sized onions;

– 2 cloves of garlic;

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The most disgusting dishes of the world
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