Chinese kitchen
Here's the paradox. In Europe and in the States, Chinese food is the cheapest, but we used it many more expensive. Therefore I advise you to start with abroad. For…

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How to quickly cook beets
How fast boil beets, to become soft Boil the beets can be much faster than we used to think Boiled beets – a product that comes in many delicious and…

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The best dishes on the Planet

The best dishes on the Planet

Not the most logical, but a well-known Eastern parable says about the cook who made from ordinary beef tongue is the sweetest and most bitter dish, with the same recipe. On the puzzled questions feasting he replied: “The sweet dish — the word that speaks your language, and the hitter is also the word that you speak their language”. And that is a wise choice. And absolutely nothing is explained in fact. That, however, too wise: but he did not want to open every each of their professional secrets! And if you try to do without tales and allegories, then.

The sweetest dish

Revenge. Joke. As experience shows, the Avengers also requires a balanced diet. With sugar, preferably with honey. Fresh honey is sweeter than sucrose in 2,5 times and has at least 3 kinds of sugars (of course, if the bees gathered from flowers, and not with master feeders). Interestingly, the sweetest substance in the world, 2 isomer of thaumatin (3000 times sweeter than sucrose) virtually does not affect the sweetness of the honey from Ghana and Nigeria where the spread is the only source of thaumatin, shrub katemfe. Since thaumatin contained in the fruit (about 6 mg per kilo), and the bees are dealing with flowers.

The most sour dish

The contents of the stomach of an anteater with young shoots edible vines. They “indulge yourself” quite a few wild tribes living in the Amazonian Selva. And exactly where dilute their menus with termites anteaters can’t — because of the extreme paucity of such. In relation to body weight, the content of formic acid in the ant is insignificant, but the raw tropical ants still 1.6 times kislotnye lemon juice. Plus the gastric juice of the anteater. Br-R-R! It is fair to say that the dish is purely ritual: the young hunters eat it once in your life, on the second day of the rite of adulthood. (: on povar.EN don’t write 🙂

Most bitter dish

But there’s more. Without a doubt, this is food from the MOMORDICA of charanchi, (it — Karel, it — Chinese bitter gourd). But her recipes for a big set, and most of them still can to some degree take away the bitterness, though none of them fully. Unbearably bitter, but salutary for diabetics, cut off from sources of insulin, meals for which Karel is boiled in small amounts of water or whey.

The alkaline dish

Distinctly alkaline food in the global kitchen is extremely small, and most fierce of them lutefisk. In fact, it is a soap fish with slightly altered technology. Canonical lutefisk recipes St. Patrick’s is salty fish treated with ash lye (according to the legend, the Saint tried to destroy stocks of invaders-the Vikings, but the reptiles don’t just not hurt — much). Recipe of the current lutefisk more complicated. As the basis of the required dried (to marble hardness and without salt) fish. It was soaking in a pretty cool solution of caustic soda for 3-5 days. About the same or slightly less than, the fish kept in fresh or sea water (not completely caustic washes away neither the one nor the other). The finished lutefisk is, after roasting, boiling or baking. The taste and smell of the final product are such that they fit to experience the legendary Scandinavian courage and composure. Most “Amateurs” use it no more than once per year.

Meat and meat products
Meat and meat products Due to its high nutritional and taste qualities of meat is the most valuable food products. Meat is the most popular and demanded product in the…

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Exotic dishes
Exotic dishes   "The most delicious dish is not often delicacies in expensive restaurants and simple country kitchen. Near Barcelona, at the foot of the monastery of Monserrate was the…