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Meatless meals

Meatless meals

Meatless meals on our table – that’s what I wanted to talk about today. Now many have begun to observe lent and other Fasts. It seems to me that this decision comes after a lot of thought. Fasting must become a need and not some torture of his own body. If hold the Post and can’t wait for it to end — it is better not to start. Post in my humble opinion – this time a Frank conversation with yourself and the Universe, the harmonization of your inner self with your outer self. And rejection of high-calorie non fast food becomes the only support of the process and not its essence. Because Fasting to eat still need back to the topic of meatless meals .

When the trees were large, and my dad — a little boy lost in the mountain village came a stranger. At the time, such Wanderers were not uncommon even in the wilds of the Caucasus mountains. Lent stood the terrible 1933, and from meatless dishes and all of the food on the table were only dried pears. In my father’s family was raised seven brothers and sisters and four foster children, adopted into the family after the death of their parents. Despite the ominous hunger with a Stranger shared his meager stock of food, which was. Boiling water and dried pear became a simple treat.

An unexpected guest thanked hosts low prostration, and undid his knapsack. There was a whole wealth is a pie with apples! God knows where he was treated in the hunger without such delicacy. The kids sitting on the stove, just stopped and kind of painful-sweet scent of unseen food. Man hand invited the kids to taste the Goodies. The first parents are allowed to foster children, then to his magnificent seven.

My father was sitting in the far corner and did not dare to approach the cake. “And is that Sirotka? Come here, baby come here!”- called guest. The wanderer smiled tenderly at his parents, when they learned that Peter is not Sirotka. Sirotek here — all his! Unaccustomed to such food children just solovely. And suddenly the stranger began to sing. His voice was hoarse, cracked, the tearing of his soul hidden in fathomless depths of nature with sorrow. “Burn, burn, my star. “Charming eyes. “Your hands smell of incense. Then, as if waking up, the alien man stood up, a characteristic gesture, flipped his ragged clothes, with dignity slightly bowed adults, patted kids on bald heads and disappeared into the darkness.

Old the story I see old black and white movie, through some sort of shrill ragged mist. But meatless meals at our house is still unthinkable without Apple pie. From here we’ll start.

Meatless meals recipes

We will look Lenten pastries. soup of sauerkraut and beans. as well as a number of other meatless dishes .

Vegetable cake with apples

We need such products:

Flour 1 kg

Vegetable oil 180-200 ml

Sugar 3-4 tablespoons

Water 500 ml

Vanilla sugar 1 packet

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