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Quick appetizer Boats

Quick snack “the Boat”

– some eggs;

– mayonnaise;

– 100 g of hard cheese;

– lettuce leaves / sprig of parsley for decoration

Quick snack “the Boat”

Hello, dear readers vipvkusnyashka. The appearance of the dish can lift your mood, increase your appetite. Therefore, there are many ways jewelry in the culinary arts. From simple products you can do very beautiful things, i.e. food.

Many children do not eat very well, but if you give them a beautifully cooked dish, they will eat it for both cheeks. So right now I will tell you how long to cook very tasty and quick appetizer “Boat”.

Eggs boil, cool in running cold water. After they completely cooled, we will easily be able to clean them from the shell. If pieces of the shell stuck to the squirrel, wash the egg in water, and it will be again as new.

The next stage of our culinary creativity will be cutting the eggs in half on the “boat”. Further, with the help of sirotci cut thin as many slices of cheese as you want to make ships.

If for some reason the eggs have cooled down completely, you need to wait until they are quite cool and fluff each half-egg mayonnaise.

With a spoon gently spread the caviar in mayonnaise and stick “sail” made of a slice of cheese with a toothpick. All – the dish is almost ready.

You can decorate these boats any herbs you have – parsley, dill, lettuce. Can be used in the composition of grapes, olives, mushrooms, arugula and so on.

These “boats” are a wonderful dish snack table. If you plan a party, prepare this beauty. This dish will appeal to all, without exception, and will make the atmosphere even more festive.

This quick snack is combined with a dry wine. So, if you want to drink in the evening drink with a mate is gone, friends, friends, best meals just do not think. Moreover, only 10 boiled eggs are great snacks for 2 large meals.

Caviar is here required is not very much, as we don’t the yolks removed. We can say that she is here and Eyewash, to guests, when he saw the snack exclaimed: you Have caviar? And will you say that of course caviar. Modestly that the ROE constitutes only a small fraction of the entire ship.

So good luck with your voyages on the vast culinary expanse, there are many different interesting and delicious dishes that are prepared very quickly and not time-consuming. Besides, to create such beauty.

By the way, on the topic of snacks you can still see how to cook French fries at home. cheese sticks or mozzarella from the appetizer of salmon and cheese.


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Quick appetizer Boats
Quick snack "the Boat" - some eggs; - mayonnaise; - 100 g of hard cheese; - lettuce leaves / sprig of parsley for decoration Quick snack "the Boat" Hello, dear…