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Cane sugar

Brown sugar gourmet

Modern people almost all become gourmets, because the coarse and tasteless food has gone. Now not enough meals were healthy and nutritious, it is necessary that they were delicious. Therefore, to complete the program used condiments and spices, giving and accentuating the taste and aroma of even the most familiar dishes.

Nowadays the gastronomic possibilities allow you to try traditional dishes from the most exotic countries. It is enough to find in the Internet the recipe, and the ingredients can be purchased in stores.

Thus, it is possible to diversify the family menu, to know the exotic cuisine, expanding culinary horizons. In addition to exotic dishes, it is possible, as already mentioned, to make even more interesting traditional dishes, to which we are accustomed, adding seasonings, spices. And you can just replace one ingredient for a similar to him, but brought from another country. For example, if you want to entertain friends excellent coffee, instead of the usual sugar cane can be offered, which will give the coffee a subtle caramel taste and aroma with deep flavor of molasses. It will be appreciated by connoisseurs of the various flavors.

As we know, sugar is sorghum, palm, from malt and from habitual to us of beets. But initially sugar was cane. It was first produced in India, pressing the juice from grass tree reed saccharum. This cane is the name of the sweet spice remained in most world languages.

In our corner of cane sugar was exotic, and only during the reign of Peter I, sugar became available to ordinary people.

Experts-nutritionists unanimously affirm the usefulness of the cane sugar

Cane sugar is different from our usual beet both in appearance and in composition, and it is worth to mention the usefulness of the cane sugar. According to the USDA Nutrietn Database, a hundred grams of beet sugar contains zero point one hundredth of a milligram of iron, one milligram of calcium and two milligrams of potassium.

Same in cane sugar contains a ninety-one one-hundredth of iron, eighty-five grams of calcium, three hundred and forty-six of potassium, but also contains minerals such as magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc. In unrefined sugar and also contain b vitamins.

Crystals of cane sugar completely transparent, but the content in the upper layers of molasses and adds brown. Therefore, by dissolving cane sugar stains the liquid. In addition to Demerara, the most common cane varieties, there are even more exotic varieties, differing both in color and in taste and fragrance: the Barbados sugar, muscovado, turbinado.

Cane sugar perfectly set off the taste of coffee and other hot drinks and cocktails, gives a stunning taste of the cakes, and will also be a subtle hint to the hot meat.

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