The most exotic dishes of the world
The most exotic dishes Probably each of us at least once encountered national, and even more exotic dishes, cooked in different ways, peculiar to this or that national cuisine. This…

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Meatless meals
Meatless meals Meatless meals on our table - that's what I wanted to talk about today. Now many have begun to observe lent and other Fasts. It seems to me…

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Exotic dishes

Exotic dishes


“The most delicious dish is not often delicacies in expensive restaurants and simple country kitchen. Near Barcelona, at the foot of the monastery of Monserrate was the case. Arriving by train from Barcelona, my wife and I went to the nearest café in order to exchange money and at the same time to eat. None of the visitors or the waiters did not know English, and we Spanish do not speak. So the choice of meals has become a formidable task. After trying to explain on fingers the only thing the owner took me by the arm and led him to the kitchen, where he showed what dishes there are, how they look and what they are made of (pointing at the dish, and then at the ingredients in the fridge). The choice fell on baked eggplant stuffed with minced meat and chickpeas, on top of it was covered with melted cheese, if I remember correctly. It was divine and at the same time just. Cost is about 5 Euro (2011). While house attempts to prepare the analogue was not successful – the same ingredients used, and the result was different.

The simpler the food, the closer it is to the traditions and culture of the people, the better it tastes. In the same Barcelona dinner on the waterfront for 100 euros was not as memorable as a snack in the village tavern. Similarly in Thailand there is nothing tastier noodles are sold for 50 baht on the streets, in Germany – ordinary sausages or goulash, etc.”

In traveling you always want to try local treats, and it turns out that it is not as expensive as it seems at first glance! Enough to turn aside from the tourist centre and go the extra 50 steps to a nondescript little restaurant, and 5 minutes from the city you can try local cuisine at all for ridiculous money.

Just too extreme the food

Andrey Yakubov, development Director, tourist company “travel interpreter” :

“I visited more than 100 countries, and in the kitchen, each one has something memorable. I especially remember, exotic cuisine, such as the larvae of beetles in Zimbabwe, the meat of a Cobra in Vietnam. For lovers of exotic dishes would highly recommend to visit restaurant “Carnivore” in Kenya, Nairobi. They serve fried dozens of types of meat of wild birds and animals (antelopes, crocodiles, zebras, etc)

Often with friends I remember one of the most delicious kebabs that tasted abroad. It was in Paraguay, the kebab was made from meat hump the cows. Was called this dish “Bush” and were marked by extraordinary taste and softness of the meat. The humpback cows living in Paraguay, hump many layers of fat, no bones and veins, and the meat just tender and amazingly tasty!”

This will only a real daredevil. Sometimes, the dishes that are considered ordinary and unremarkable in Asia or Africa, breed incredible fear (and other emotions) on the Russian people. And if “stranger” cow – not so bad, the bugs seem to us to be a disaster. And so our stomach even more.

Incredible tasting dishes from different countries, we discover wonderful moments, expanding horizons and changing perspective regarding each of the unknown stuff. But, let You in the medicine Cabinet will be an “antidote” that protects You while not the best culinary experience.