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Meat dishes for the New year

Delicious and interesting meat dishes for the New year

Soon the New year holiday and every woman dreams to prepare a festive table tasty and unique. On new year’s table should be meat dishes, which I love friends and family, prepared by her hands and a pure heart.

Use a simple Christmas recipes on the year of the wooden goats, but creatively approaching the decoration of the dishes and the layout of their placement.

Recipe 1. Chicken on skewers

Chicken meat cut into small pieces. Mix sunflower oil with salt and pepper and add the meat pieces and marinate for 2 hours in the cold. Banana and kiwi cut into slices.

Fat obratiti pieces of meat on skewers anointed strung alternately pieces of meat, banana and kiwi fruit, pour over the marinade. Grill for 15-20min. Turning.

Recipe 2. Delicious pork chop

In pork (400g) make an incision on the side, fill with stuffing (chicken) and close. RUB the meat with spices (paprika, pepper, salt) and garlic. In the oven and roast until tender. Apply for Christmas table, decorating a beautifully cut pieces of greenery.

Recipe 3. Pork “spicy”

Wash and dry meat, cut into portions, season with salt and pepper. Fry on both sides in butter, place on a plate. Slice the mushrooms, fry, put on the meat and cover with a slice of pineapple and garnish with a ring tomatoes. Cold spicy the dish is ready.

Recipe 4. Mutton leg sleeve

Leg of lamb stuffed with spices, leave for 30 minutes In the sleeve for baking put up with the vegetables and bake until ready. Serve with potatoes on the Christmas table.

Recipe 5. Home baked ham

1kg. pork tenderloin put in a small pan and pour the marinade and leave in the fridge for 3 days. For the marinade: 2: 1 water and vinegar, celery, Bay leaf, allspice and a little sugar, boil and cool.

Then to remove the meat and allow to drain, season with salt, pepper, garlic shegovari. Then the meat on a baking sheet and into the oven, baking until tender. Cut into slices nicely and meat dish on the table, garnished with parsley.

Recipe 6. Delicious sheep from Balik

Meat cut into pieces, repel, salt and pepper. Fried onions mixed with chopped smoked meat and pickles, mix well and spread on the flattened slices of meat. Pieces to fold and form the rams, to break in them in flour, fry until semi cooked.

Then pour tomato sauce and bring to readiness. The rams are ready to embellish with parsley. Submit a meat dish with potatoes and pickles on the Christmas table.

Recipe 7. Rabbit in apples

Soak a rabbit in water with vinegar, place onto greased baking sheet. Boil rice, combine with grated carrot, salt and pepper, stuff this mixture rabbit.

To combine the ketchup, vegetable oil, sour cream and pour over the carcass of the rabbit. To put around the apples and bake in the oven for 45 min. when serving, decorate with greens.

Recipe 8. Meat salad “Holiday”

On a flat dish put layers: Chicken boiled meat; fried mushrooms with onions; prunes; boiled carrots; Cooked eggs, each layer coat with mayonnaise and garnish with greens, corn flowers or vegetables. All can be served on the Christmas table.

Bon appetite, good luck in the New year! The main thing to celebrate a holiday with people who love and are loved with pure thoughts and desires.

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