Exotic dishes of different countries of the world
  The highest number of exotic dishes, of course, Asia. It seems that there can be prepared in literally everything! For example, in some countries of South-East Asia can offer…

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3 recipe exotic chicken dishes
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Special exotic cuisine

Special exotic cuisine

We propose to consider the list of 10 most disgusting meals in the world. While on the trip don’t miss the opportunity to try them.

10. Durian. This fruit is known for its smell. In Southeast Asia entrance with this fruit in buildings and transportation is prohibited. For some, this “king of fruits”, for others it has the taste and smell of garlic, armpits and sweaty socks together.

9. Hakarl (Hakarl). This Icelandic dish made from rotten shark meat. For cooking gutted and beheaded shark first 6-12 weeks kept underground beneath the gravel and stone, to glass liquid. Then the meat is cut into strips and SUSAT for a few months until education delicious Golden brown. The crust is then removed. Meat served with a cocktail.

8. Lutefisk (Has Been Lying In Water). A dish of decayed fish. This dish is popular in Northern European countries. For cooking take bad cod, which, of course, poisonous. But a few days soaking in cold water makes the fish edible.

7. The century egg (Century Egg). It’s a strange Chinese dish. The egg consists of salt, tea, lime, wood ash, clay and husk from rice. The composition is aged for several months. This process leads to the hardening eggs. Protein turn brown and the yolk is greenish-gray and cream.

6. Copy Luwak (Kopi Luwak): According to some sources, this is the most expensive coffee in the world. Funny, because most of the production is animal – a marten. Or rather in his digestive system. Marten eat fresh coffee berries (which are actually very meaty), and then defecates undigested coffee beans. These beans are harvested, washed, dried and zharat.

5. Tiet Canh (Tiet Canh): beautiful, rich in pairs a bowl of soup, it looks perfectly normal, isn’t it? However, this soup from the blood. Traditional Vietnamese food, this dish makes a different ways. The blood is placed in the Cup, cooling it add more peanuts.

4. Fruit bat Soup (Bat Soup): a popular dish in Palau. A simple dish of bat and fruit.

3. Escamoles (Escamoles): eggs of Liometopum ants. Often cooked in butter and served in a Taco style with guacamole. So, make sure next time that you served in Mexico.

2. Balut (Balut). This egg hard-boiled – extreme dish. This delicacy is served in the Philippines. Egg (duck or chicken) should be fertilized. Bird embryo inside the egg grows. Then variat the egg, when the embryo is still alive. Eat the entire contents of the egg with the embryo. Add a little salt, chilli and vinegar.

1. Casa Marz (Casu Marzu). This Italian delight is a Sardinian cheese with maggots is a bit smelly. Today, Italian authorities announced Casu Marzu is illegal.

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