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The ranking of the most expensive dishes

The most expensive dishes of the planet

Among the rich variety of contemporary dishes is quite difficult to choose the top ten most tasty. It is much easier to determine the ten most expensive meals of the planet this season. Gourmets from different countries recognized the following dishes are the most valuable.

1. Dumplings

The restaurant “Golden Gates” offers visitors, most of whom are Russian immigrants, the most expensive dumplings in the world. The composition of this dish apart tender veal, salmon and pork, and also fish-iron torch, living at very great depths. From the contents cancer fish dumplings are a deep blue color with a green tint. To some it may seem that they are inedible, but really, these dumplings are insanely delicious. The price of this unique meal is $ 2,400 (for 8 pieces) and 4400 (for 16 pieces).

2. Walnut

Macadamia is the most expensive type of walnut. This dish is in the modern world is quite rare, as, despite the fact that a walnut tree bears fruit for a hundred years, it requires thorough care. To ensure such care is sometimes impossible. In those countries where there is growing of macadamia, the price for one kilogram of nuts is often more than 30 thousand dollars. Dishes with the addition of macadamia, respectively, are also very expensive and delicious.

3. Saffron

Saffron represents the stamens of plants belonging to the family krokusowa. It is prepared manually. Half of the stamens of a plant turns out only one kilogram of saffron. So it is not surprising that one kilogram of this spice should be given about 6 thousand dollars.

4. White truffle

This delicacy has a certain price, as it is only sold at auctions. The cost of a single mushroom in the thousands of dollars. A record value is more than 35 thousand dollars.

5. Dark chocolate

Chocolate lovers definitely would like to try the chocolate, recognized as the most expensive in the world. One of them is American. Tiles of chocolate, weighing 453 grams, worth 2600 dollars. This chocolate is made from cocoa “Valrhona” (70%) with the addition of the black truffle.

6. Potatoes

Many will be surprised to learn that potatoes are included in this rating. However, there is no doubt that the way it is, because there are fairly. This variety is considered the most expensive and one kilogram of potatoes will go for about $ 700. The fruits of an expensive potato is hand-picked on the island Normate. He has an unusually delicate flavor.

7. Beef

The most expensive meat in the world is Japanese marbled beef cows, Wagyu. These animals are subject to extensive care. The diet of the cows consists of the best herbs, and they drink exclusively beer and sake. Currently these cows are bred not only in Japan but also in Australia.

To try marbled beef, you will have to shell out a considerable sum of money. Per 200 grams of meat (fillet) you need to give about a hundred dollars, and for the most tender pieces of more than one thousand dollars.

8. Sandwich

Fans eat cold food will be interested to know that recently was made. to try that can only be in one of the hotels network “von Essen” (von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich). A sandwich named after the hotel and cost $ 200. It consists of quail eggs, white truffles, Iberian ham, Bresse fowl, dried Italian tomatoes and bread cooked on a special ferment.