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The most disgusting dishes of the world

The most disgusting dishes of the world

If you’re going to eat, put the food on and then don’t open the page further. we will talk today about the culinary delights of the peoples of the world, all from the most disgusting cooking and more harmful than McDonald’s. You may want to try the proposed dishes, but then please without us. We’ll just tell and show and decide to eat or not eat, you. To eat or not to eat, that is the question. Come on in, if not disdain…

1. Opalgem, he’s rotten reindeer.

Absolute winner in our ranking. Sometimes instead it appears the whale, the seal (civic) or walrus. The mutilated corpses of animals love to eat almost all the Northern Nations. In Scandinavia eat the dead sharks. Recipes of this wonderful dish in different Nations differ little from each other – the animal buried in the ground, and after a few months dig. By this time the putrefactive bacteria make soft fabric in gray, slimy mass. Opalgem deadly to Europeans due to ptomaine – cadaverine, putrescine and neurine.


Escamoles is a larvae of ants of the genus Liometopum, found on the roots of the agave. In Mexican cuisine, escamoles are considered a delicacy, sometimes referred to as “the caviar of insects”. This dish with the consistency of cottage cheese tastes like oil, with a nutty flavor. To get escamoles, you need to dig to a depth of 8 meters, where ant nest full of larvae. According to one of the collectors of the larvae:

“Miners escamoles is a special man with a brush that sweeps away the ants with them while they dig. I’ve heard that some coated in pork fat, through which the ants can’t bite”.

It should be noted that the ant bites are extremely painful, so this work may well relate to the category of extreme.


Surstromming — Swedish national product of a canned fermented herring that smells so that is usually because of the stench and eat it outdoors. Recent this dish next. A gutted herring, but with the Appendix and the caviar is placed in vats of brine to remove blood and fat. Then herring salted, placed in open dishes and left to sour. During this process its own enzymes and bacteria to form, among others, propionic, butyric and acetic acid, and hydrogen sulfide. Then the herring are placed in cans. The fish continues to struggle and after signing in to the Bank. Therefore, Swedish foodies recommend to open the jar under water or on the street, because there is a risk to splash all around juice. Usually make a sandwich with surstromming and other ingredients. Served with boiled potatoes and chopped onions. Other common ingredients are gräddfil (fat fermented milk or sour cream), green onions, and sometimes tomatoes.

Eyes just gigantic, slimy in appearance and not at all condusive to a good meal, opens a rating of the most terrifying delicacies, humouring the desires of gourmets. It is a miracle of culinary art can only be found in Japan that is not a reason for disappointment. The only possible way to eat that slime-covered glass-like thing immediately to swallow, once it hit you in the mouth, and to try more of her not to remember. Otherwise the consequences will be very predictable.

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