Expensive meals capital of the world
The most expensive dishes from the gastronomic capital of the world - Tokyo Many consider the gastronomic capital of the world is Paris, but they are wrong because this is…

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Salads recipes
Cherry tomatoes - 100, chicken egg - Extra Virgin olive oil - balsamic vinegar - salt - to taste mozzarella - 100, tuna canned - 160, canned corn - 120,…

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Quick salads

Quick salads you need for situations where it is expected the arrival of unexpected guests, just no time to cook. These salads you can treat yourself and family in the country, as the most necessary ingredients to grow you literally underfoot. Indeed, the majority of these are vegetable salads, and vegetables are always useful and delicious!


One of the most simple, quick salad is a vegetable. It can be made just from cabbage, seasoned with butter, cucumber with mayonnaise or tomato, with sour cream.


One type of quick salad is the Oriental salad. The method of preparation is quite simple. The eggs are placed in water, boil on weak fire, when ready to clean and cut. Crushed the onion with a knife. Cucumbers cut into slices. All components are mixed and refuel.


For this dish you can use whatever is growing in the beds. The components you choose, they may become sweet tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, cabbage, small radish, carrots. To create a salad with more calories used potatoes. All vegetables are cut, salted and seasoned.



Cabbage salad is suitable for those who wish to maintain their figure, youth and beauty. For this salad you will need the cabbage under the name of broccoli. It is served in any shop, most often in frozen form. House opened the bag and cooked on low heat, not more than half an hour. The readiness of the cabbage is softening. The cabbage should not forget to season with salt, otherwise it will have a fresh taste. Also in any the vegetable stand you can purchase cabbage, it is sold in sheets. Before use it needs to be cut. These two wonderful type of cabbage, you can use both separately or together.


Naturally, for this salad you need pasta, they are cooked in the usual way as for any dish. This salad, cut the cucumbers and cheese. As the sauce used the vinegar mixed with the oil. To add to this salad needs salt and pepper.


For a swift salad, salads include chicken. The chicken is cooked, break hands. If there is no time for cooking chicken, you can purchase it immediately smoked. It will be equally delicious. The chicken can be used in a separate form. And in combination with tomatoes. Dressing can also be vinegar or oil.

Quick salads will help you if you are hungry after work and you don’t want to cook. Help at the meeting unscheduled. Their good to use when camping or cottage. Also, these salads are low in calories, which is good for ladies trying to keep in shape.

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