The 8 most expensive dishes in the world
The 8 most expensive dishes in the world What we eat every day, not is have no what compare with those served at elite restaurants. But even in such places…

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Delicious quick salads
  Salad from a green radish green radish - one tuber, onion - couple onions, chicken eggs - one egg, ham (or bacon, sausage) - 50 grams Apple - one,…

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Exotic dishes of different countries of the world

Fried spiders, Cambodia

I don’t know why this dish appeared – maybe the people in Cambodia were starving for many decades? Then the desire to fry the spiders clear. But now this dish is considered a delicacy. In Cambodia, some spiders, which the locals call “a-ping”, they reach the size of the palm of an adult person and live in burrows.

After catching the spider is killed, roll in flour, add sugar and salt, and fry in deep fat with garlic. Fry until then, until the legs will not become brittle, it means that the spider is completely ready for use.

In General, a way of eating spiders is not particularly different from the ways of eating crab or lobster – just the spider looks more unusual. These spiders are so large that there is even meat in the legs.

Puffer Fish, Japan

Who has not heard about the puffer fish, considered a delicacy in Japan. Prepared according to the rules portion of fugu costs more than a hundred dollars, sometimes much more (it all depends on what restaurant it is prepared, and how a professional chef prepares fugu). Not every Japanese person is able to afford a meal of this fish.

It is said that after dishes made from fugu, the tongue and lips go numb, because of the very small amount of nerve poison contained in the fish meat. It is this effect and attracts the Japanese.

Most of the poison is contained in a special gland, and if it is damaged, then the poison will spread into the meat, causing poisoning from eating a portion. Most often doctors do not have time to save a man poisoned by the fugu poison, he’s very strong. But cases of poisoning is not so often found.

Eggs “easy”, China

Way of cooking this dish is quite unusual. First you take an ordinary egg, duck or chicken, and placed in a mixture of clay, ash, salt and lime. After that, the eggs are placed in rice straw and left in baskets for a few months. Over time the egg is impregnated with this mixture and become very dark inside. On the protein, which became almost black, are the patterns similar to a pine branch. Hence the name egg “easy”, which means literally “flowers of the pine”.

Many tourists call these rotten eggs, although it is not so. If the egg was really rotten, people just slack off, and not smell the eggs moldy stuff. Although a particularly appetizing smell “easy” will not name.

The name of this dish translates from Japanese as “dancing shrimp.” Choose Odori EBI is a young shrimp of the species Pandalus Borealis. They were laid out on the plate, and the dish is served with a special sauce, which is kept very secret. What’s the appeal of such dishes? When you eat a shrimp, it tickles the tongue whiskers and paws. This is considered very pleasant.

The meat of the iguana, El Salvador

This delicacy is highly valued in El Salvador, where rare rich feast without meat iguanas. In fact, its popularity is due to the fact that the meat of the iguana in this region is considered to be the panacea that people believe that meat cures everything (well, almost all) diseases.