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The most expensive dishes in the world
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A list of the most shocking dishes!

Experts-foodies have compiled a list of the most shocking dishes, looking at the usual tourist fastidiousness and disgust.

The rating included half a dozen exotic dishes, most of which is traditionally prepared in Asia, according to TourDaily with  to GreenDaily.

The list of unusual culinary creations serves as both a warning to overly impressionable tourists who prefer to eat a normal meal, and, on the contrary, will help to make the right choice for lovers of exotic.

The first line of the rating took the blood of the snake, which you can drink on the island of Java. In second place was the fried Scorpions, which are prepared in China and Vietnam. Also the list includes Thai food from rats and balut (boiled duck egg with an established bird with feathers and beak). Nestling in the embryonic state, you can dine in Cambodia and the Philippines.

In addition, the Chinese and the Koreans are ready to offer lovers gourmet holiday wine of rice with mice, and in Java and Sumatra, anyone can drink civet coffee. A kind of drink made from coffee beans partially digested in the stomach Indonesian cats.

Legend has that the origins of this delicacy is human laziness: it is easier to collect the droppings of animals than grain of the coffee tree. Beans that have passed through the digestive tract of the Indonesian civet or luvky (wild, frugivorous animal that resembles a cat), harvested manually in the forest. Initially they are like fragments of peanuts in the future cleaning them and lightly fry.

Coffee brewed from these beans, advertised as the most rare and exclusive coffee in the world, but those with more sense than money, call it coffee from cat shit, wrote one of the British Newspapers.

Some say that this drink taste burnt sugar or chocolate. But for others, the taste is gross and smells like mildew. But in any case, experts are eager to pay 40-50 dollars to have a Cup of coffee lovaki.

The University of Guelph in Canada conducted a special study of the coffee beans civet. Established that they contain less protein and lower bacterial counts, and the appearance of the droppings resemble grains of popular Colombian coffee. Scientists suggest that these features of the composition makes the coffee from metabolic products civets less bitter, and the flavor pleasant.

History is silent on when and under what circumstances was the first Cup of brewed coffee Luwak. The most common hypothesis States that people gathering coffee beans, you understand: it is easier to collect the Luwak feces in the jungles of Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and South India than with the grain of the coffee tree.

This parade is disgusting at first glance, Asian dishes, Mexican dilutes the invention of escamoles – eggs of giant ants.

Of course, the national cuisine of some countries to take a worthy place in the list of its attractions, but not everyone is able to enjoy such exotic dishes, sadly concludes TourDaily.