Meat dishes
Galloping John My first acquaintance with a combination of beans and rice took place in Brazil - I was frankly surprised when at lunch we were served boiled rice and…

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The most exotic fruits
Today already you will surprise nobody with the tours to the most exotic countries. And a natural part of these trips is to get acquainted with exotic dishes, vegetables and…

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Christmas snacks

Cookbook section and “Christmas snacks” offers simple and easy recipes for treats that are different from other festive snacks unusual design, perfect combination of ingredients and special taste. These dishes are integral companions of the traditional new year holidays.

Recipes Christmas snacks collected in a separate subsection of the popular and that facilitates the search for holiday meals among a large diversity. Recipes Christmas salads and appetizers are so diverse that allow the hostess to not only prepare a lot of Goodies in the New year’s eve, but also to diversify the menu throughout the winter holidays.

In this subsection all the Christmas snacks and salads are characterized by an unusual presentation and submission, and therefore cannot be confused with other dishes served at other holidays.

To know how it will look finished dish, Christmas snacks  have with a detailed description of the cooking process. After all, sometimes seeing colorful graphy prepared snacks, there is a desire to prepare this dish. However, it is important to stick to the recipe to keep the proportions and pick up the products in accordance with the proposed option. Not worth it to replace some other ingredients, because it can not only change the appearance of the food, but also the taste.

All new salads and snacks,  and the recipes that are posted on this , it is not difficult to prepare even novice housewife. Because phased and step-by-step description graphy greatly facilitate the cooking process. You shouldn’t be thinking about how to make a starter, just look at  and carefully read the description. Of course, before you cook the dish on a festive table, it is recommended to try it out before the celebration to become familiar with the taste and to determine how long to cook it.

Festive snacks for new year’s table should not only have a beautiful design and terrific taste. After new year’s eve is an event filled with magic. Therefore, this e prompts you to prepare snacks with surprises . In addition to delicious toppings in snack it is possible to hide a piece of paper with Christmas wishes, that you have to warn guests, otherwise wishes will be eaten, and paper taste is unlikely to give joyful emotions.

In this section you will find the recipes of the most popular new year’s snacks, which may become the signature dish of each hostess. For their preparation do not need to buy many ingredients, because these products are available in almost every refrigerator.

Exotic spices on the Eastern markets
  Modern cuisine of most countries of the world today just cannot be imagined without spices. Where, how and when did various spices. Not stop to argue with cooks around…

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Quince: extraordinary recipes of meat dishes
  An exotic bird with delicate aromas of quince and notes of natural ketchup will surprise even gourmets. Quince: recipes of meat dishes. Turkey legs with quinces ingredients: 1 kg…