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Making cold cuts: how beautiful to put the meat chunks on a platter

Meats, the design of which we will show you today, is the decoration of the festive table, if decorated in an unusual way. Currently cutting from different varieties of sausages and meat on the table – not uncommon and not a sign of a great holiday. But the festive mood it can add, if the dish with her beautifully arrange and decorate.

There are so many ways of decorating slicing and putting some of the meat. Its design for the holiday table depends on creativity and imagination, as well as knowledge of some simple techniques used by chefs around the world.

How to cut up meat and sausage

To start, remove the membrane from the sausages and everywhere where it is. Cut at angle with a sharp knife thin slices that the slice turned out oval.

If you are a happy owner of a slicer, this process is simplified to the maximum, if not, you’ll need very sharp knives.

The surface of the pork, ham, tongue trimmed with a sharp knife, removing the dried dark brown. Meat cut across the grain well ground knife with a narrow and long blade. Keep the blade in a single motion to completely penetrate the product.

The idea of making a meat dish

What kind of meat can be on the plate? These are various types of sausages, salmon, pork, brisket, with the fat layers, etc. All of this is cut with thin leaves and can be laid out neatly on the plate.

It should be noted that the design of meat for the festive table depends on the color of meat is an interesting mix of colors. If all goes well, it will provide a good appetite of guests and recognition of the skill of the hostess. On a large plate to put the meat in several ways.

Different types of sausages you can alternate the layers, laying in a circle in a spiral, rows of vertical, u-shape, in the form of a rainbow.

Thin layers of meat can be rolled into a tube and put the “sticks”. Easy to make roses of different types of sausages or meat. This is going to roll around and have to pay the “petals”, which are then spread.

Easy to make flowers Calla lilies that can be folded “bag” and put in the middle of a strip of cheese, a small kochanchiki corn.

You can run studs. The piece of meat folded in half and then half again. Such elements connect the toothpicks. You can put different kinds of meat slides.

I must say that cutting looks spectacular just laid on lettuce, this is a good option in haste, when there is no time for something more complex.

It is advantageous to look meats, served on a flat dish, sprinkled with paprika or curry. To complement the picture of the can sauces 2 or 3 types, served in a gravy boat and placed on the same dish.

Large thin layers of meat can be folded four times and put overlapping. Don’t forget about the lettuce, the olives or the olives. In the center you can set the toothpicks for easy impaling pieces.

You can complement the decoration of cold cuts pomegranate, and green onions to make beautiful Curling serpentine.

Meats and beautiful fruit plate, can be decorated with fresh flowers.Such cold cuts will look on the holiday table very odd.

Meats, and slicing vegetables (assorted fresh vegetables), or seafood platter (fish dish) is a reflection of your unique taste and personality.

Take note of the examples of how beautiful design of cold meats and combining them to your liking and adding the flight of his unbridled creative imagination, make your own unique meats for the holiday!