Delicious quick salads
  Salad from a green radish green radish - one tuber, onion - couple onions, chicken eggs - one egg, ham (or bacon, sausage) - 50 grams Apple - one,…

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Meat dishes
Galloping John My first acquaintance with a combination of beans and rice took place in Brazil - I was frankly surprised when at lunch we were served boiled rice and…

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The most expensive food in the world

Top 10 most expensive food in the world

Who doesn’t love to eat? Just cooked a juicy roast chicken or melt in your mouth caramel cake – sometimes just can not resist. Fortunately, most of our favorite dishes, as a rule, is within walking distance and price. But there are those who, having tried once, it is hard to forget, and to eat again – even harder. On display readers interfax offers the world rating of the most expensive delicacies.


1 kg of this delicacy gourmets are willing to pay $1000. Cheese made from moose milk is produced on the only farm in the world in 650 km from Stockholm. There contain three milch moose cows who produce milk from may to September, but in very small quantities. In the year produced only 300 kg of cheese from moose milk. In a free market it, of course, are not reported. It is possible to try only buying at auction or by visiting a very expensive European restaurants that are literally in line to purchase the delicacy.



Bluefin tuna, used for sushi, one of the top the most expensive delicacies on Earth. A pound of such sea food worth $1365. Recently in Japan, the owner of Tokyo sushi restaurants bought at the auction of tuna weighing 269 kg, after paying for your purchase $736 000. But the goal was not only buying the product for cooking restaurant dishes: the buyer wanted to attract the coveted good luck to his business. Bluefin tuna is endangered species, therefore, permitted the volume of its catch every year are decreasing and the price of the delicacy is growing inexorably.


Matsutake is another Oriental delicacy, 1 kg of which will cost $4000. Matsutake mushrooms grow on red pine in Japan and China, but only under natural conditions. “This mushroom cannot be cultivated,” the scientists say and offer to assign the Nobel prize to the person who will be able to still grow it artificially.

Outwardly, these mushrooms resemble our mushrooms, but larger and have a meatier foot. The main tenets that guide every chef cooking these mushrooms: not to overcook them until the very last moment of mixing to matsutake not lost its rich flavor.


Despite the fact that to encourage cultivation of saffron is very easy, it is the most expensive spice in the world. A pound of this spice is valued at $2700. This high cost is explained by the complexity of the process of collection: to obtain 1 kg of saffron, you must manually  collect and extract 150 000 stigmas of buds. Doctors tirelessly go on about the benefits of saffron for eyes: substances contained in saffron, prevent senile vision loss, and also form on the eyes a thin protective film, a kind of natural sunglasses that protect the eyes from the harmful effects of UW rays.

Chicken in Chinese
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The most delicious squid salad
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