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The most expensive dishes in the world


From the news: “on Tuesday, October 7, in London has prepared the most expensive hamburger in the world. Called this creation “Hamburger”. To justify its high cost (about 1.8 thousand dollars), the restaurant offers its visitors a glamorous sandwich on the menu with a buffet of delicacies”.

covered this news presented and other examples of exclusive food. The list of the most expensive dishes in the world impressed me. Happy to share with you.

Begin with an overview of culinary delights with the Very-Very-Ugly-Can-Expensive-Burger. Here it is, Krasavchik:

Again, to quote the news: “Burger made at the restaurant Honky Tonk in the suburbs of London, as the most expensive in the world. In addition of 220 grams of Wagyu beef and 60 grams of new Zealand venison, among the ingredients — bacon, maple syrup, brie cheese, green tea, smoked duck egg and Iranian saffron. The bun is sprinkled with white truffle shavings. The cost of the Burger is almost 1.8 thousand dollars, and the nutritional value of 2.6 thousand calories.”

Continue? Roll with gold, caviar and lobster, sir! You 160 dollars.

No, at this rate we will easytime very quickly. Let’s make a pause I. will get a coffee, for example. Coffee, however, is not simple, but. right, gold! First presented at the exhibition of the pharmaceutical industry in Tokyo in 2007. According to the representative of the company-manufacturer, edible pure gold helps to improve your health. The character symbolizes longevity.

Continue to perehodim and light snacks. To beat the Guinness Book record for the world’s most expensive sushi, the chef who prepared this dish, I had (poor thing! ) decorate the dish with pearls and diamonds. The author has estimated the portion of the five sushi two thousand dollars.

One more speciality from the same chef. Sushi wrapped in 24-carat foil and decorated with diamonds 0.2 carats. The cost per serving is the same as for the sushi above two thousand dollars. (I what top, reminiscent of crab sticks? Well, very, very, very expensive crab sticks? )

Pounds of British cheese with gold leaf. Say, “Shiiiiiitttt!” And smile widely at the sight of accounts: one thousand U.S. dollars per kilogram.

Want to cook exclusive at home? Welcome to the Italian cooking of Laura Santini where in the menu the super-expensive dishes to be found, but you can buy foil with 23-carat gold and silver and to decorate your own culinary creations.

Moving on to desserts!

Chocolate cake covered in 24-carat gold and topped with 15 African diamonds. The cost of a masterpiece — about 2.6 thousand dollars. A delicacy produced in 2009 in the Philippines as a wedding gift.

In this cupcake baked in the United Arab Emirates (where else?), in addition to flour, oil, chocolate and vanilla have gold (23 carat). The most expensive cupcake in the world sell for thousands of dollars apiece.

There are still place in your belly? Ice cream, ladies and gentlemen! Chocolate, with the addition of gold – mmmmmm! Treat price of 25 thousand dollars per serving listed in the Guinness Book of records as the world’s most expensive dessert.

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