Exotic dishes
Exotic dishes   "The most delicious dish is not often delicacies in expensive restaurants and simple country kitchen. Near Barcelona, at the foot of the monastery of Monserrate was the…

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Quick and delicious salads
Quick and delicious salads - don't miss out Salad "Striped" Quick and delicious salads can be prepared easily and pleasantly. The products are simple, time don't take much. They offer…

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Quick and delicious salads

Quick and delicious salads – don’t miss out

Salad “Striped”

Quick and delicious salads can be prepared easily and pleasantly. The products are simple, time don’t take much. They offer a snack very high in calories, it can fill you up without adding neither a first course nor the second. The more this salad is beautiful and delicious!

We need

Cut six strips of bacon, half a Cup of yogurt, tbsp olive oil, finely chopped garlic clove, half tsp. salt, two sliced into strips of kochanchiki salad “Romen”, two cups of diced chicken (boiled or grilled), a Cup of halved cherry tomatoes, diced avocado, three hundred grams of cheese.

What to do with it

To visarite bacon until crispy, remove excess oil with a paper towel, when cool – cut into smaller pieces. Whisk yogurt with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and salt. Salad leaves with two tablespoons of yoghurt sauce tightly to cover the bottom of serving dishes. Top rows put the rest of the products like the picture: cheese, bacon, chicken, tomatoes and avocado. Pour the sauce and serve immediately.

Salad with plums and cheese

Continue to prepare light and tasty salads. Vegetable dishes can be made more hearty by adding cheese, boiled eggs, bacon or chicken. Especially useful summer leafy green salads. Here is one of them. The leaves need to wash and remove them from the water with a towel.

In addition, we will need

Assorted lettuce, two diced bright sweet pepper, a Cup of halved fresh plums, pitted Cup halves cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, garlic cloves, olive oil, salt, tbsp lemon juice, tsp sugar.

How to do it

First make the filling. Salt, sugar, lemon juice and olive oil RUB with crushed garlic. Lettuce leaves to tear, pour the sauce, a rich layer to put on a dish, arrange green plums, and the rest of the vegetables on top of cheese. Pour remaining filling and serve.

Salad “snack food”

Quick and delicious salads are especially good because all the ingredients can be kept in reserve, and prepare them in advance, and, if necessary, to assemble the salad is not easy.

What we need

Leaf lettuce assorted – about two hundred grams, red onion, four or five large fleshy tomatoes, two tbsp olive oil, tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice, a few bunches of broccoli.

How do we do this

Do not think that a quick and delicious salads can’t be here so modest: the main ingredient – tomatoes. Special aroma, which give bouquets of broccoli and red Spanish onions, stimulates the appetite. Mix all in a bowl, add olive oil and lemon juice. Especially good this salad to shish kebab and roast beef. Serve.

Avocado, cut into longitudinal slices, two hundred grams of leafy salad mix, large onions – better red, a jar of olives, six ounces of feta cheese, diced two large tomatoes and a sprig of cherry tomatoes, two tbsp olive oil, tbsp lemon juice, salt.

Quick and delicious salads are build in same way instantly. Need to mix everything except the cheese and avocado, lightly salt, sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil, add cheese, avocado, stir, and serve with toasted bread.

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