Exotic dishes of different countries of the world
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Exotic dishes of different countries of the world


The highest number of exotic dishes, of course, Asia. It seems that there can be prepared in literally everything! For example, in some countries of South-East Asia can offer to try a very rare and expensive snake wine . To prepare snakes or entirely placed in an alcoholic drink (grain alcohol or rice wine), and then incubated it for a while, or rip out the snakes belly and mixed their blood with alcohol immediately before use. Under the influence of alcohol snake venom loses its harmful properties.

Another dish that is extremely unattractive in the eyes of Europeans, this “century-old” eggs . This Chinese delicacy is a eggs that are coated with a special mixture and leave it “up” until it is ready (from one month to two or three). Protein ready “centennial” egg becomes translucent and thick, and the hardened yolk color closer to dark green. Eat them as a separate snack, or added to tofu, rice or other dishes.

And in China, you can try tuntszyan – eggs boiled in the urine of boys who have not reached puberty. The Chinese believe that such eggs have certain healing properties, but the official medicine with it it agree.

I’m sure you’ve heard about deadly dish of Japanese cuisine, fugu . It is prepared from fish of the family Blowfish. This fish contains a lot of powerful poison, from which there is no effective antidote, and in the process of preparing a skilled chef must ensure that the fish was safe for human consumption. Sometimes it fails, but, oddly enough, wanting to try this famous dish.

Another Japanese delicacy – soup shiokara . It is prepared from sea creatures (squid, for example), which is about a month kept in a sort of marinade from raw offal.

And in Korea, you can try the live octopus (whole or chopped into pieces). However, with this dish we need to be careful – these foods can literally “stand in the throat”.

But exotic dishes not only in Asia. In some countries, people eat grasshoppers . because they are very rich in proteins (in Mexico they are served with lime and garlic). Even in Mexico they eat ant larvae . living on the roots of the blue agave (the plant used to make tequila; don’t be surprised if this “caviar of insects” so once and washed down with tequila, otherwise I wouldn’t have swallowed).

The Northern European country is famous for its unusual dishes from fish and sea birds. Traditional Icelandic “dish” of birds puffins are hard to even call “dish”, because they do not prepare, and, killing, eat the heart raw. Another unusual Icelandic dish – beef jerky giant shark, haukal . That meat of this shark was edible, keep him first in containers and then in the open air, it removes poisonous substances – urea and ammonia. And in Sweden they eat fermented herring – surstromming .

In France and Italy in the preparation of some traditional dishes used rooster combs . Interestingly, in Russia in the mid XIX century cock stuffed scallops, too, some time eaten, but it was a very expensive dish, and the fashion on it quickly passed.

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