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The most exotic fruits

Today already you will surprise nobody with the tours to the most exotic countries. And a natural part of these trips is to get acquainted with exotic dishes, vegetables and fruits.

I want to include here the most exotic fruits that you can try without damage to health.

1. Jackfruit – jackfruit

Native to southwestern India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Also grows in Australia. Jackfruit – the tallest fruit tree, the fruits of which reach 90 cm in length and 50 cm in diameter. Weight of one fruit can reach 35 kg.

From the outside the fruit is green when ripe turns yellow. Inside it consists of large yellow lobes resembling a banana, which are smooth oval light brown seeds.

Fully ripe fruit smells like rotten onions on the outside, the flesh tastes like pineapple, but milder.

Jackfruit is widely sold in canned form and in the form of chips.

Wood is used to make musical instruments, and the fetus is part of many Asian dishes.

2. Durian

The birthplace of the “king of fruits” — Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia.

It is an evergreen tree with fruits with a diameter of 20 cm and weighing up to 4 kilograms, with a hard shell, covered with powerful spines.

Detailed description of the fruit and my personal opinion you can read here on my websitee “Trip to Singapore” .

3. Carambola – “tropical star”, starfruit

Originally from Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka. The carambola is a fruit tree with the most beautiful pink flowers. By the way, the trees grow even in the US.

Golden yellow crispy fruit is a “star”, which has the taste of pineapples, apples and kiwis combined. Taste is of two types — sweet and sour and sweet.

Of fruit make tasty juice, and some wine.

4. Kiwano – African cucumber

Kiwano has many names horned melon, African cucumber, African horned cucumber, jelly melon.

Civano hails from the African Kalahari desert, cultivated in California and New Zealand.

The fruit is oblong shaped yellow, like a melon with spikes. The pulp is jelly-like green with white seeds that taste like cucumber and banana. The fruit can be eaten both as a snack (with soft cream cheese or seafood), and in pure form.

It is often used for decoration of dishes, in the preparation of cocktails and ice cream.

5. Kumquat (kinkan)

This citrus fruit tastes like a tangerine sour, sweet edible rind. In addition to eating raw, the fruits are often used for making marmalade, jelly and liqueurs.