Salad recipes
Salads The most simple and tasty salad recipes They say that a woman can make three things out of nothing: a salad, a hat and a scandal. Of course, when…

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Meat dishes
Galloping John My first acquaintance with a combination of beans and rice took place in Brazil - I was frankly surprised when at lunch we were served boiled rice and…

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The 8 most expensive dishes in the world

The 8 most expensive dishes in the world

What we eat every day, not is have no what compare with those served at elite restaurants. But even in such places there are dishes that can afford one in ten or even one hundred visitors. It’s the price — the most expensive dishes of the world are estimated at a thousand dollars, and of course well, even well-off man (I’m not talking about multi-millionaires) can afford to spend a mortgage on Breakfast, rim, and dinner. I was wondering if any of the readers tried anything like that?


Surprised? I was also surprised that some kind of spice in our time may be more expensive than gold. Saffron is made from the stigmas of the flowers of the purple saffron Crocus. Each flower only three stigmas, and manufacture one hundred grams of spices (dry) is about 50 thousand (!) flowers. Such a number of flowers of Crocus is enough to cover a football field. To obtain saffron spice is needed not only flowers, but also office and laboratory equipment. Pivileges saffron can cost from 500$ to 5000$.

Diamond caviar

This is the highest quality grade of Beluga caviar unusual light shade. Than the older fish, svitlica get caviar as Beluga and now quite rare, old Beluga generally are valued by weight of gold. This caviar has a very delicate and exquisite taste. For this Bank the caviar, ALMAS, made with 24-Karat gold, and is the perfect frame for your valuable content. A similar dish can be enjoyed only in a London restaurant Caviar House & Prunier located in Piccadilly. The cost is almost 50 thousand dollars per kilogram.

White truffle

This variety of truffles growing in Northern Italy, and their cost can reach almost 3 thousand dollars for half a kilogram. The record price was paid by Stanley Ho, a casino owner who paid 330 thousand U.S. dollars for a half kilogram of white truffles.

Steak of marble meat

Gourmets believe that the steak of marble meat is different and taste and smell and texture. All so that such meat can only be given by cows of the breed “Tajima”, and that is not all, but only those that are “sitting” on a special diet. Their diet includes even beer. In the US the typical price for such meat — $40-$150 per half kilogram.

Kawa Luwak Measles.

This variety is known coffee that is produced from coffee beans that have passed through the gastrointestinal tract of the Asian palm marten, an animal which is rare. The marten eats the berries, but the coffee beans pass through the esophagus intact, after which they are collected specifically studied workers. This variety of coffee is produced in Sumatra, Java, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In the year collectors collect only 500 pounds of beans, which may explain the high price of this variety of coffee is $300 US dollars per 0.5 kg.

Diamond Martini

Actually, it is a regular Martini, only instead of olives the bartender puts 1, 6-Carati diamond. Of course, the taste of Martini should meet the diamond, and because the price for a cocktail is $16000. You can try only at the Ritz-carlton, Tokyo, Japan.

The chocolate truffles.

This special treat was made only manually by the employees of the company Knipschildt Chocolatier, which is located in Connecticut, USA. The recipe includes truffles Valrhona cocoa with lots of exclusive products. The cost is close to $6000 per kilogram.

Ninos Facilities To Match, Bellisima.

This pizza is not like those that are sold in the network of fast food restaurants New York City, and any other similar institutions. Ninos facilities to match, bellisima pizza includes lobster, crab meat and 6 kinds of caviar. If you have an extra thousand dollars, can try.

Who else knows which exclusive dishes, which cost in the hundreds and thousands of dollars?

Salads recipes
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5 delicious salads for every day
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