A list of the most shocking dishes!
Experts-foodies have compiled a list of the most shocking dishes, looking at the usual tourist fastidiousness and disgust. The rating included half a dozen exotic dishes, most of which is…

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Delicious quick salads
  Salad from a green radish green radish - one tuber, onion - couple onions, chicken eggs - one egg, ham (or bacon, sausage) - 50 grams Apple - one,…

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Exotic spices on the Eastern markets


Modern cuisine of most countries of the world today just cannot be imagined without spices. Where, how and when did various spices. Not stop to argue with cooks around the world, but the fact remains – the birthplace of most of them is India. In addition, his “contribution” to the dissemination of the spices brought and Khan El-Khalili is the oldest and most famous market of the East. And when it comes to it, we immediately submitted the most enticing and the most pungent flavours! This Bazaar is famous for in the fourteenth century, and knew about him literally every trader, not only Eastern countries.

Now in order to buy literally any, even the most exotic spice, such, for example, as asafoetida. we just have to go to the supermarket. But did you know that in the middle ages, several centuries ago, the people of the North and the West had to eat solely bland and tasteless meals? And in order to get at least some pleasure from food, they enjoyed not for its taste or quality of food preparation and high volume! On the table served as many dishes as they could fit on it. Imagine what would happen if European countries began to import Oriental spices. In Europe began booming. And all this despite the fact that this precious commodity came not in bags, and just in kilograms. And, of course, they were available only to the most influential and rich people. But when his home got spices, immediately close all doors and Windows locked. Pepper, cloves, asafoetida, saffron, cinnamon – all of it was gold and weighed on the most precise jewelry or Apothecary scales. Even the smallest part of the seasonings did not go unrecorded.

How valuable were various spices, can be gauged from the fact that, say, a bag of peppers you could buy a huge land holding or to marry the richest girl in the country. By the way, and rich people at that time got the nickname “pepper sacks”.

Today, a variety of salads, hot dishes and even desserts in cooking is unthinkable without condiments. Basil, cinnamon, dill, cilantro – with their help in the kitchen is becoming the real magic. Many famous cooks say that the generous use of spices will turn any dish into a culinary masterpiece. Where do the most wonderful products in this category nowadays? Of course, with East them in a large quantity imported from India, Thailand, Egypt and Turkey. By the way, the Spice Bazaar (also called Egyptian Bazaar) in Istanbul is very famous and popular. It is located in the European part of Istanbul, and if you are going to go on vacation in the Turkish capital, to visit it you should definitely. Finding it is not easy, even from a distance, will surprise you with its heady scents of thyme, mint, saffron, cumin, cinnamon and other spices. We recommend that you take a relaxing walk in the all ranges and enjoy the unique flavors and aromas. And only after that to start shopping!

Lasagna with minced meat
Lasagna with minced meat Lasagna is one of the most beautiful dishes of Italian cuisine. Not easy, millions of people around the world can't resist its delicious taste and aroma.…

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Exotic dishes
Exotic dishes   "The most delicious dish is not often delicacies in expensive restaurants and simple country kitchen. Near Barcelona, at the foot of the monastery of Monserrate was the…