Christmas snacks
Cookbook section and "Christmas snacks" offers simple and easy recipes for treats that are different from other festive snacks unusual design, perfect combination of ingredients and special taste. These dishes…

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Delicious quick salads
  Salad from a green radish green radish - one tuber, onion - couple onions, chicken eggs - one egg, ham (or bacon, sausage) - 50 grams Apple - one,…

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Salad recipes


The most simple and tasty salad recipes

They say that a woman can make three things out of nothing: a salad, a hat and a scandal. Of course, when suddenly descended guests can also try out of nothing, or rather almost nothing. Recipes simple salads “Abaric” prepared just for such cases. Everyone certainly there the usual array of vegetables: cabbage, cucumber and radish – in the spring, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, summer and fall, potatoes, carrots, beets, some eggs, cheese, canned fish, a piece of meat in the winter.

But the approach “in haste” is good only when you need urgently to save the situation. Crisis management in salads – not the best option. Much nicer to get ready ahead of time and make the creation of this dish a little holiday. To choose the delicious salad recipes that have long wanted to try, to buy everything you need, gain inspiration and get started. There is no certainty? Not a problem, “Obzory” step by step . They as a guide will result in “5”. After all, a great salad is not only a perfect combination of products, but beautiful and effective design. Aesthetics is half the battle!

So where to start? With selection. It is in Ancient Rome salad called green leaves. Today everything is different. Salad revolution occurred in the 20th century and now all the ingredients are equal. Vegetable, meat, fish, mushrooms, fruit, exotic, cheese, crackers, pasta, rice, nuts, seafood – only you name it! Moreover, initially in the salad consists of only raw vegetables, and boiled and baked and fried dishes allow the ingredients to surprise the most demanding gourmet. Yes, and that’s not all! Hot and cold – salad recipes will have to choose carefully – after all, hot snacks and drinks others rely. And when it comes to gas stations, if not lost. Now and eyes are dazzled, and there are rules of the proper choice of several dozen favourite recipes? Of course, there is. “Abaric” advise!

Salad, still, considered a light meal. Choosing for a festive table 5 salads, you should try to have at least 3 of them were with vegetables, herbs, fruit in season. You can Supplement light ingredients: chicken, shrimp, cheese. And with the gas stations not to overdo it. 5 salads with high-calorie sauces not all will survive, and I want to try.

Good to 1-2 salads were the classic, long-proven, for example, “Greek”, “Caesar”, “Spring”, “Salad”. Probably not all guests can afford the experiments.

Think about the variety design. Of course, just for Breakfast and salad in a normal bowl would be good, but when it comes to the holiday table… Here is where to turn, the artist-cook! Salad hill, a flower, a castle, a vegetable “cake” is building and doing, and is interesting. Instead of a salad — lettuce, grilled bread or baskets of dough, tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapple without the core – only is not useful. This will be the recipes of salads with.


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