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The most delicious squid salad

The most delicious squid salad

Today, all culinary  have information that is useful to each housewife. This is all you will need for the whole family, so the food was not only tasty but also healthy. And what for today the most useful food? Of course, seafood.

It is said that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean are a healthy and have long years of life. But sometimes we need food not only for the health, especially when it is time holidays: new year or someone’s birthday. Here come to the aid of each craftsman tasty salads of squid . fresh cucumbers, a variety of recipes Mimosa, Olivier, crab sticks, and the famous Caesar salad and many other superb recipes of delicious dishes. Many cooks prefer to cook their masterpieces home (gotovim doma), where they feel confident and independently, where each plate native and nothing distracts from work.

Every citizen of Russia and Ukraine knows that shrimp, octopus, mussels and many other marine creatures, the most consumed by residents of coastal villages and towns. But today the markets of each city is filled with a wide assortment of the goods and any dish whether it be shrimp or fennel . you can prepare different recipes at home.

The most classic the recipe for the salad of squids

Each recipes is fraught with a secret delicious cooked meals, but it’s a secret only up to a point, until we try. You can try different recipes, it all depends on your capabilities, time and mood.

For the preparation of the classic salad of squid you will need the following ingredients:

Choose carcasses of squid (perhaps this is the most important);

Chicken eggs, the number define by yourself (usually 4-5 pieces);


Salt, this component may spoil or Vice versa to give a spicy flavor to your masterpiece.

When you tested the recipe many times, it is possible to do everything in a hurry, as this is the easiest recipe of all.

The carcass cleaned, then cooked. It is important to pay attention to the cooking of the carcass, the fact that you can overcook squid, and because of this, it will be hard and not so tasty. Carcass cook approximately 2-4 minutes . as sea Kale or other protein with the egg. When the meat is cooked, it needs to let cool, then slice and julienne is better. Boiled eggs RUB on a grater, then tangle in a pot with meat. All this is salted and dressed with mayonnaise.

You can add onion, cooked beans or stuff mushrooms, improvisation in the kitchen is welcome. Here’s a delicious and festive salad is ready.

The most delicious squid salad with corn or cheese

Every year it becomes easier to cook and more interesting. Today ends 2014 and begins 2015 as the world wide web provides for everyone who wants a great many Photos different dishes of seaweed, chicken, light and filling appetizers and many other culinary masterpieces. Delicious squid salad with corn or cheese is cooked about as well as on the classic recipe. The difference consists only in the fact that one placed the shrimp and the other with cheese.

The meat of squid is suitable even if it is canned. Properly cook the meat, cut. Then cut into slices and add grated cheese or corn. Seasoned olive oil or mayonnaise. It can be cut not in slices, cubes, it would be better, all depends on what you put in the filling.

If there is no cheese, many cooks suggest that you use a sour Apple or lemon. Garnish the dish with red caviar, pieces of cod, crabs, chicken, avocado. That’s actually you and ready to celebrate the holidays.

Many novice hostess asking yourself how to cook soup with black bread. But today such questions will cease to confuse you, and make it more confident.

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