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The most expensive dishes of the world

The most expensive dishes in the world

It seemed that nothing can amaze in terms of food, but there it was. Chefs in many renowned restaurants strive to come up with a more expensive dish in order to surprise the gourmets and restaurant critics. The price of these culinary masterpieces ranges from 1000$ to 14,500$.

1. Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata . Frittata is a traditional Italian omelet. In this case it is served with whole lobster and 300 grams of caviar, and what makes it so expensive, the price of this Frittata is$ 1,000. To eat this dish in the restaurant Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien in new York.

2. Pizza Louis XIII . The pizza, the price of 12,000$, is the signature dish Renato viola, an Italian chef. This pizza is cooked directly in the client, you can see how thin dough is laid out freshest seafood stuffing, such as: shrimp, lobster meat, lobster, pizza laid out three types of caviar, as cheese is the best kind of mozzarella is Buffalo. As the spices and seasonings used exclusively Australian pink salt mined in the valley of the Murray river.

3. Sushi Del Oriente . This culinary masterpiece is a total of four sushi nigiri, but not the amount of sushi makes it so expensive. Special this dish make strips of gold and African diamonds, each weighing 0.2 carats.

4. Macaroons Haute Couture . A traditional French dish, it exclusive do what Macaroons Haute Couture brand sold only in confectionery boutiques France at the price of $7400.

5. Wispa Gold . Chocolate for the true sweet tooth, its price is 1600$ for a chocolate bar, wrapped in edible foil, made of gold foil.

6. Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgencе . The most expensive dish in this list – this Italian dessert of sponge cake with added fruit. What makes it so expensive? The main ingredient of this dish is eighty carat aquamarine. Also used for serving chocolate figurine of a fisherman handmade. Dessert price is 14500$.

7. Dumplings from the restaurant Golden Gates . 2400$ — the price you offer to pay for eight blue dumplings from the new York restaurant. The stuffing does not represent anything special, it’s the usual mixture of veal and pork, but a special style and, most importantly, the unusual color of this dish give cancer fish torch, while making the dough not only blue, but also fluorescent.

Not everyone will be able to try the above dishes, but each will be interested to know where is served the most exquisite and expensive dishes. Because these dishes really deserve attention, and their high price is quite understandable fact. And it’s not just the presence of expensive ingredients, but also the desire of chefs to present dishes as beautiful as you can, to show your skills.

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