Pickled cabbage fast preparation
Pickled cabbage quick-cooking on the table – recipes savoury snacks Cabbage in the diet of Russians is not the last place. Its eaten raw, braised, pickled and marinated. Especially popular…

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Salads recipes
Cherry tomatoes - 100, chicken egg - Extra Virgin olive oil - balsamic vinegar - salt - to taste mozzarella - 100, tuna canned - 160, canned corn - 120,…

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How to quickly cook beets

How fast boil beets, to become soft

Boil the beets can be much faster than we used to think

Boiled beets – a product that comes in many delicious and healthy dishes. However, Housewives do not like to mess around with beets, because the process of cooking sometimes extends for a long time. And here’s how to quickly boil the beets, giving it the necessary softness in just 15-40 minutes instead of the usual several hours of cooking? Will help simple recipes.

Cook beet on a gas stove in a pan

Few people know that there is a quick way of cooking beets on the stovetop, which saves time. To quickly cook beets for salad, prepare it for cooking.

Rinse the beets under running cold water, if necessary, even properly wipe soiled areas with a brush. Do not delete with root tails and eyes that cut-through is not leaking juice.

Roots pour normal cold water, bring quickly to a boil over high heat. Good when the water comes to a boil, reduce the heat to moderate, cook for another half hour.

The boiling water immediately, drain, and pan with the beets, place under cold running water for 10 minutes. Then close the valve, wait five minutes, and then try the beets with a toothpick. If it enters the beet easily – so, the root crop is ready. If necessary, boil for another ten minutes and again under cold the water. The temperature differential will allow the beets become soft.

But to cook the beets as quickly as possible, it is recommended to do this in the microwave and slow cooker.

Cook beets in a microwave oven

Kitchen appliances, pressure cooker and microwave will quickly cook the beets, giving it an unusual sweet taste. Washed beets large size cut into pieces, pierce the skin in several places to better come out steam. To quickly cook beets in the microwave, do not need large amounts of water.

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Add in a special form for the microwave, where lies the root, only one tablespoon. If you put the beets in the package for baking, you can do without water. Place the beets in a microwave oven or directly in the center or on the edges, cut into small pieces. In the middle of the microwave radiation the weakest, so fill it completely or leave it completely empty. Adjust the power up to 750-800 Watt, cook for about 15 minutes. Check the readiness of the beet with a fork. When the beets are tender, dip it in fairly cold water, so you can easily remove the skins.

Cooking beets in a slow cooker

To cook vegetables in a slow cooker is very easy! They retain their useful properties, vitamins and minerals, and nice appearance. How to quickly cook beets in the slow cooker? Choose the correct mode, follow the instructions.

So for a couple of beets will be ready in about half an hour, beetroot in the “Extinguishing” – up to three hours. The quickest beetroot to cook on the “Soup” or “Cooking” – from 40 minutes to an hour. Beets should be washed thoroughly and immersed in untreated water. The lower part of the beet and cut off the tail.

You can put the beets on the baking. It will take about an hour. Beets, cooked in the slow cooker will be soft and tender to the taste. It is possible to quickly prepare a salad or to use for later cooking of borscht.