The most expensive food in the world
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Meat dishes for the New year
Delicious and interesting meat dishes for the New year Soon the New year holiday and every woman dreams to prepare a festive table tasty and unique. On new year's table…

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Meat dishes

Galloping John

My first acquaintance with a combination of beans and rice took place in Brazil – I was frankly surprised when at lunch we were served boiled rice and a sauce of red beans with tomato paste. Wincing, I first ate cautiously, but then got a taste of the case and at the end of the trip already enjoyed this unusual side dish with pleasure, promising myself that home will be sure to cook. The promise I kept – not sure why. A few days ago on containig the Internet came across the description of American cuisine – “Jumping John”. You know, one name that requires to cook – not to mention the fact that the basis is all the same combination of rice and beans.

So sonorous and original name of the dish, alas, is not associated with any distinct interesting legend. Nobody knows exactly where “Jumping John”. They say that the dish originated with the Senegalese and Nigerian Muslims, who prepared it with beef jerky. They say that all the fault of the blacks – it is they who in the days of slavery in the United States has circulated and popularized rice and beans. The truth now, I’m afraid we’ll never know, but one thing is certain: it is delicious, simple and nutritious.

There is a tradition according to which “Jumping John” must have the 1st January – this will bring good luck. The dish is Packed full of symbolism – the bean is responsible for coins (money), green hints on dollar bills. In General, on the authenticity of the prescription is not claimed, I adapted it to the tastes of my family, but I strongly recommend to feed the people rice and beans – and just for luck, and in the coming year, you will receive untold riches and treasures?

Kruchenyky from swinnie – recipe for oven

I found the perfect recipe kruchenyky pork . I used to cook them for a long time, giving them a lot of time and attention, but now it turns fast and delicious. Want to know a secret? Oven! It turns out, not stew meat on the stove, and just bake it – and then kruchenyky pork come out juicy, soft and fragrant without any effort.

To quickly defrost the freezer by switching off the fridge from the wall and open on the Internet a couple of tabs with your favorite. So, you see, a few hours all not only razmernye, but dry.

What, you never tried to cook pork kruchenyky . The horror. It’s so simple and so delicious! In General, I recommend heartily – you will not regret. I make the stuffing with prunes, you can put there whatever you want – nuts, raisins, dried apricots, sunflower seeds, cheese, mushrooms, cabbage, onions.

Meatballs minced chicken – a beautiful idea quick dinner

Don’t ask why my kids the itch today to demand for lunch meat balls itch, that’s all. It’s not about neat soup with meat balls, namely meatballs minced chicken . who eat on the second and prichmoknet loudly with pleasure. No, Carlson we haven’t re-read. And no, I don’t coddle children like sweet – I’m just too lazy to turn these tiny pea. But there’s nowhere to go, asked, will have to try. Really, I mean thinking about what shape the balls the kids will be on their own, and it is their personal problems, how the round will turn out their creations, but it is a thing of the twentieth.

Salads recipes
Cherry tomatoes - 100, chicken egg - Extra Virgin olive oil - balsamic vinegar - salt - to taste mozzarella - 100, tuna canned - 160, canned corn - 120,…

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