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The most delicious dishes of Sicily

The most delicious dishes of Sicily.

To visit Italy, probably wants any lover of travel and adventure. At least, rest in Italy is very popular. Which is not surprising, in this country you can swim, ride the rides, see many sights, but after all these tiring activities, visit the small cafes and enjoy authentic Italian food. Of course, the most famous Italian dishes are pizza and spaghetti. But every city can boast, and some special culinary delights.

If you visit Sicily, you certainly will not be disappointed by the skill of local chefs. Especially appeal here to fans of fish and seafood. Still, all sides of the island bordered by the Mediterranean sea, which round the year supplies to the table of the inhabitants of Sicily the freshest ingredients.

So, where should we start exploring the local cuisine? Perhaps best to start with the classic spaghetti. Of course, there are dozens and hundreds of species of this dish, but especially well with Sicilian craftsmen turn out such dishes as “alla palermitana”, the “pasta con la mollica” and “con i ricci”. The first of these dishes – spaghetti that are seasoned with special local spices, raisins, Parmesan cheese, sardines and sour tomato sauce. Yes, a rather unusual combination, but surprisingly tasty. The second dish will seem even less normal. Here spaghetti served with salted anchovies. However in this dish the spaghetti a bit dry, but it gives them a special, nothing on similar taste. Well and the third is a simple dish will impress fans of exotic. The fact is that here pasta is served as a side dish with sea urchins. Much like the food just happen to not enjoy in many countries.

If in any cafe or restaurant you can taste any dish from fish-a sword, do not try to refuse. No matter how cooked the fish is fried, cooked or dried – in any case, you probably have not eaten anything like it. Already in order to enjoy such a dish worth to buy tours to Sicily from Moscow. Generally the seafood and fish are served in many catering establishments. For example, you will surely enjoy and mussels or oysters – they are not too expensive, but the taste they probably will not resemble anything you’ve ever tried before. By the way, if you order them in the restaurant, they will bring the closed shells, which have to open on their own. But do not think that this is due to the fact that chefs are lazy – just so you demonstrate that these clams are absolutely fresh, newly caught from the sea, and were not bought in a store in the form of canned food.

If you like meat, you should definitely try and “scaloppine”. Many tourists believe that this is the most successful representative of the meat dishes of Sicily. It really is a very tasty veal schnitzel, which is served also pork rinds, garlic and red wine.