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The most exotic dishes of the world

The most exotic dishes

Probably each of us at least once encountered national, and even more exotic dishes, cooked in different ways, peculiar to this or that national cuisine. This is not surprising because in the world there are many nationalities and their respective cultures and traditions. And these traditions, especially in the preparation of some dishes we seem to be not that unusual, but sometimes even somewhat disgusting. Let us recall the sushi. After all, before no one tried this to try, now please, sushi bars indefinitely. Try to see that very unusual may be in the world.

The most exotic dishes

In General, it should be noted that mainly, the most exotic dishes refers to Asian cuisine, but also in other parts of the world they are also missing. For example, in Asian countries are very popular dishes from the poisonous snakes. This special feeling makes the fact that the more poisonous the snake the better it tastes. And not every chef is able to prepare snake meat. It just takes a little bit away from technology and all of is a taster of the dead.

In Japan the least popular dish of poisonous fugu fish. The most poisonous body it is the liver. A dish is expensive, but this does not reduce the number of people willing to eat such pechenocnae raw. Hence two or three dozen a year in the dead of tasters, because antidote doesn’t exist.

Not less than exotic and our opinion is disgusting Korean appetizer of just severed the writhing tentacles of an octopus. Not everyone will dare to try.

In Bangkok a very popular kebab of insects. It is made of everything that comes their way – bugs, cockroaches, maggots, grasshoppers, locusts. Imagine the faces of tourists when they are served like this “kebab”.

Iran is famous for dishes of different kind. Here are preparing shashlik of young sparrows. Local residents say that it is delicious and useful, especially to improve brain activity.

China delight soup soup “swallow’s nest” from the saliva of birds sarangani, added to chicken broth. While popular in the East, the tofu dish is prepared of milk, meat, herbs and vegetables. are first stewed, then the mixture is fermented for several weeks, after which the whole mass is deep fried and served at the table. According to eyewitnesses, not even the taste, the aroma resembles the smell of melted fat and rotten vegetables.

If you visit in Mexico, you can offer black and cottage cheese, which is actually abraded the eggs of black ants. And if you get one, all you “cover”.

Mother Europe, and particularly Italy, will delight you with a disgusting dish called “rotten cheese”. Make it very simple. In sour sheep’s milk added to make you think? The larvae of flies. And these larvae has the ability to jump out of the plates.

So, be on the alert. It is not for us to judge how delicious from a culinary point of view, such food and European cuisine to many local residents it seems very exotic. The Chinese, for example, can’t stand beef, and many Eastern peoples spit will be fried potatoes. In General, as they say, on taste and color…


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