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Meatloaf with mushrooms

Meatloaf with mushrooms

Meat combined with mushrooms always gives an amazing result with any method of cooking. This time it will be a roll of lean pork stuffed with mushroom, baked in the oven.

For its preparation we need:

meat 1.2 kg

garlic — 4 cloves

mushrooms — 300 gr

Bulgarian pepper — 200 gr

wine — 4 tablespoons

breadcrumbs — 3 tablespoons

vegetable oil — 1-2 tablespoons

starch — 1 teaspoon

salt, spices

amount — 10 servings by 100 g

calories — 286 kcal

First prepare the stuffing for our meatloaf. Use garlic, mushrooms and frozen peppers.

We cut them finely and fry in vegetable oil. Add the wine (I have nutmeg pink), let it evaporate, and add the breadcrumbs.

They will give the filling viscosity, and it will not crumble. Add salt to taste.

Now for the meat. This piece of meat I usually use for pork chops. Well trimmed it of excess.

We need to cut. Do this as follows: make an incision parallel to the table, trying not to penetrate to the end. Thickness about 1.5 cm, i.e. one third of the thickness of the original piece.

A little cut down to the table about an inch, fold back the knife parallel to the table and make an incision, not reaching the end of about a centimeter.

Because we did it for the first time, something where the thickness of the layer of meat turned out differently. Cut there, where there was a thick flat piece and laid it on the place where it was tonchovata.

Now put the meat in plastic wrap, on the top cover with cling film and through the meat slightly repel, just so that the thickness was about the same.

Meat-up, but the film is not yet harvested — still useful. Meat sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Spread an even layer of the filling, not reaching with one hand about 5 inches. Cover with cling film and slightly thicken the filling by hand through the film.

Now remove the foil and twisted the meat loaf.

Make no mistake — the meat fibers should be along the roll, so that when the pieces were cutting across the grain. Banded threads, so that when baking not collapsed.

Laid out the prepared rolls in a sleeve for baking, top grease with vegetable oil and place on a baking sheet.

At a temperature of 180 degrees bake 1 hour and 15 minutes according to standard rules for roasting meat piece 1 kg baked 1 hour.

The baked roll took out the sleeves and give it a little cool. Only then it can be cut into slices. The cooking process is completed.

But suddenly came the idea to complement the meatloaf sauce. To prepare the sauce pour out from the sleeve formed by baking the liquid about 200 ml. Bring to the boil.

In 100 ml of cold water stir the cornstarch and pour it into the sauce. Stirring, bring to a boil, taste for salt and switch off. Dosalivat sauce is not even needed. add a little chopped greens if they are available.

Now the slices of meat loaf with mushrooms pour sauce, complemented by pickled cucumber and enjoy.

Bon appetit!