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Pickled cabbage fast preparation

Pickled cabbage quick-cooking on the table – recipes savoury snacks

Cabbage in the diet of Russians is not the last place.

Its eaten raw, braised, pickled and marinated.

Especially popular fast foods of vegetable that can be consumed immediately after preparation.

Imagine a winter meal without crispy spicy cabbage is almost impossible.

It’s perfect for the role of snacks, perfect with potatoes, meats and fish, added to salads.

Recipes for quick cooking

For all the most common quick pickling recipes vegetable Sinchets in the usual way – stripes on the soup.

Savory snacks

This recipe pickled cabbage fast preparation for the lovers of spicy and aromatic meals.


one small forks cabbage;

2 carrots;

4 cloves of garlic;

about 15 peppercorns;

3 Bay leaves;

other hot peppers (you can substitute a pinch of hot red pepper).

The marinade for 1 liter of water put:

2 tablespoons salt;

the same spoonful of sugar;

1 teaspoon of vinegar.

Quick steps prepare the pickled cabbage:

At the bottom of the pot put the garlic, pepper and Bay leaf. Then prepared and mixed vegetables: cabbage and carrots, sliced thin rounds or just shabby.

For the marinade water with dissolved sugar and salt boil for a few minutes then pour her a workpiece.

After you add vinegar and slightly crush the vegetables. After 4 hours everything is ready.

Just three hours great and the salad is ready, for example like in this video:

Juicy cabbage with peppers

This delicious pickled cabbage fast preparation includes these ingredients:

1 cabbage;

3-4 Morkovin;

3 sweet red peppers;

2 sheets of lavrosky;

1/3 of a nutmeg;


For the marinade:

2/5 cups of water;

2/3 Cup sugar;

2 tablespoons salt;

Apple cider vinegar – about 300 grams.

Chop cabbage, carrots three on a grater, pepper cut into half rings.

Add the peppers, Bay leaf, ground nutmeg.

Prepare a fill – in boiling water dissolve salt and sugar.

Turn off the fire, pour and stir the vinegar.

Pour vegetables with marinade and press load.

The dish is ready in 4 hours, maximum a day, it can be decomposed into jars with plastic lids and put in cold storage.

Recipe cabbage slices in Georgian

Until tender this dish comes approximately 24 hours, however, when stored in the cold for his taste reveals more and more each day.

For pickled cabbage quick-cooking pieces we need:

1 cabbage;

two carrots;

one beet;

one head of garlic;

a few sprigs of celery.


1.5 liters of water;

7 large spoonfuls of salt;

1.5 cups of sugar;

a few pieces of fragrant pepper and Bay leaf;

black and red ground pepper to taste.

Prepared loaf cut lengthways into 8 pieces, cut each crosswise into small squares and divide by the leaves.

Beets, carrots grate and mix with finely chopped garlic.

Put the vegetables in a bowl or glass jars in layers, slightly stamps.

The top layer of carrots and beets.

Prepare the marinade for cabbage quick cooking marinated pieces.

To do this in a pan put the remaining ingredients together with the herbs and fill with water.

Bringing the filling to a boil, cooled it slightly and pour in the vegetable mix.

And here’s the recipe, though a bit modified, but also good:

Red pickled cabbage fast preparation

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