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Recipes of meat dishes for children

Recipes of meat dishes for children

28 February 2013. Section Recipes

At the age of 8 months baby you can give a try of meat to the lure. You can buy ready-made in jars or cook yourself. Prepared with love, of course, tastier, so we will share with you the recipes of some meat dishes for babies.

When cooking meat dishes at home need to remember the following:

1. Children first year of life meat should be given only in a shabby state, as a gravy to vegetable purees, cereals.

2. Meat you need to take the highest quality (thigh) without the fat and tendons.

3. Before use, the meat should just be washed to protein substances of meat down to the water.

4. It is necessary to conduct long-term thermal treatment of meat before serving.

5. When cooking meat broth it is necessary that the bones were finely chopped, fat removed. Bones, you need to pour cold water for 1 hour before to put them on the fire.

6. While cooking meat stock you should carefully remove the foam with a spoon. Not worth for this to use the skimmer, as the flakes of foam would pass through it and settle to the bottom.

7. After boiling broth should strain through a damp linen cloth, then boil it again. In the process of straining its nutritional value is reduced slightly, but it becomes more appetizing appearance.

A few tips:

Meat dishes serve with fresh vegetables.

Meat children do not come too often, 1-2 times a week is enough.

If the child refuses to eat meat – in any case do not force. Maybe his body just wasn’t ready yet to digest meat, it’s a pretty complex food. Pabloite child meat again after 3-4 weeks.

Do not be afraid that the child has something to lose, if will not eat meat. In fresh vegetables and fruits contain enough vitamins and nutrients for normal development of the child. An example of this is the children of vegetarians.

if your child is sick, completely eliminate meat dishes, let’s just drink plenty of liquids, cereals, vegetables, fruits of the desire of the child.

Recipes cooking some meat dishes in the home for children in the first year of life

Minced meat

Required: meat — 50 g onions — 3 g butter — 6 g flour — 3 g milk — 50 g.

Cooking. Clean the flesh meat of films and fat, mince. Add to meat and onion to simmer with the lid on until, until the meat is browned on all sides. Then pour the meat in a little broth and place in oven until it becomes soft. Then the meat again pass through a meat grinder, to wipe through a dense sieve and add to white sauce (recipe for sauce given above). Stir, put on fire and let boil again. Serve with vegetable shore.

Food value of portions: protein is 12.6, fat — 9,4, carbohydrates to 33.8, calorie — 277 kcal.

Beef broth

Required: beef — 50-80 g, carrot — 20 g, turnip — 10 g, onions — 3 g, parsley.

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