Exotic dishes of different countries of the world
Fried spiders, Cambodia I don't know why this dish appeared - maybe the people in Cambodia were starving for many decades? Then the desire to fry the spiders clear. But…

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Exotic spices on the Eastern markets
  Modern cuisine of most countries of the world today just cannot be imagined without spices. Where, how and when did various spices. Not stop to argue with cooks around…

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Recipes quick and easy appetizers


If you are confused as to how to make snacks tasty and quick, then you here! In this section of our culinary journal to your attention presents quick and easy recipes of appetizers, which will take a worthy place on your Desk and the cookbook, and made from simple inexpensive ingredients. If you are looking for recipes for an upcoming celebration or you want to diversify your everyday dinner, be sure to look for the recipe quick snacks with. Ability to prepare quick snacks on the table of low-cost products which are always in the fridge,spese, when on the threshold of an unexpected guest.

Didn’t plan to cook authentic, simple, and light meals from inexpensive products? We are ready to convince you! Earlier in the role of easy and quick snacks were exclusively cold food, which did not require special training. So, giving a quick and easy appetizer, initially limited to chopped raw vegetables, fruit, herbs, or foods that have been processed, but served cold. These included smoked or salted fish, ham, sausage, jellies. Today the concept of snacks is much wider, and their recipes were filled with an incredible variety. With very many recipes to cook easily from the most simple and inexpensive products. Modern quick and tasty snacks, to cook easy and simple, can now be salads, sandwiches and even hot dishes. Why does the table have to be snacks? Because it is customary to begin a meal with them. So the stomach will easily cope with subsequent heavier dishes. In the preparation of simple snacks, you should understand that this is not the main food and guests are to eat. The recipe can be simple or complex, but satisfying snack. The main purpose of simple and interesting snacks is to arouse the appetite, not satisfy it.

The original simple snacks that are prepared very easily and quickly, are an essential part of the aperitif, which are usually weak alcoholic drinks stimulating the appetite. This tradition appeared in France early in the last century. Then an aperitif and snacks simple and delicious became a separate occasion for business and social meetings. As you know, a little alcohol before meals liberating features, improves their appetite and has to communicate. It is believed that timely aperitif together with fast and simple recipes of snacks is just what will ensure a normal digestion. Strict prescriptions and rules of submission of aperitif does not exist, so you can easily use your own recipes to your taste. And it is not necessary to seek out exotic components, it’s easy to cook something original from inexpensive products.

With the advent of Internet, fortunately, there is no need to learn the recipes, holiday and everyday dishes and simple snacks for a quick hand, with friends and in culinary magazines. Now just go to the relevant section of our and you will open the recipes are simple and delicious snacks that will decorate your table and will fulfill its primary function. Here you will find recipes quick snacks with , which will help prepare them easily and deliciously, from the most simple and cheap products. You don’t have to search for recipes quick snacks, we have done it for you. Prepare simple snacks with that no step was never in doubt. Learn to prepare quick snacks on hand and meet unexpected visitors in a worthy way. Now in your Arsenal will be quick and simple recipes of snacks, which is very easy to prepare.

Exotic dishes
Exotic dishes   "The most delicious dish is not often delicacies in expensive restaurants and simple country kitchen. Near Barcelona, at the foot of the monastery of Monserrate was the…

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Meatless meals
Meatless meals Meatless meals on our table - that's what I wanted to talk about today. Now many have begun to observe lent and other Fasts. It seems to me…