The ranking of the most expensive dishes
The most expensive dishes of the planet Among the rich variety of contemporary dishes is quite difficult to choose the top ten most tasty. It is much easier to determine…

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Meat dishes for the New year
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Expensive meals capital of the world

The most expensive dishes from the gastronomic capital of the world – Tokyo

Many consider the gastronomic capital of the world is Paris, but they are wrong because this is Tokyo. In this city there is the large number of restaurants in the world awarded Michelin stars. In Japan, tourists and locals have the wonderful opportunity to try a variety of expensive and exotic food, the cost of which ranges from 100 to 1000 dollars per serving, not including drinks and 8% tax. Japanese chefs take pride in their work, so we offer the first chance to try anything from the review.

To become a good chef in Japan need to pass a number of courses, to practice and have talent. The best specialists in the preparation of sushi is considered elderly, which for many, many years doing exactly that. Japanese restaurants are very strict about quality ingredients and products. To get the best dish, the ingredients must be fresh and selected. Therefore, the producers of meat, fruits and vegetables also strictly comply with all the rules. Ever the farmer does not send to the supermarket substandard products.

10. Edomae Sushi

Tokyo is the largest number of restaurants with Michelin stars. They are working as professional experts in making sushi that the price of the dishes are very high, 20-30 pieces will have to pay more than 300 dollars. Even restaurants without Michelin stars, but offers Edomae sushi, also very expensive. The masters of sushi honed skills with a knife. They perfectly know how to cut the fish, how to properly cut, so the dish had a decent taste. Edomae sushi prepared in the classical way known since the 19th century, when Tokyo was called Edo. Never self-respecting professional sushi Edomae no substitute put the ingredient to something cheaper. But chefs are not limited to only Japanese products, if the product is from Canada, China or New Zealand are higher quality than Japanese, he will choose it.

9. Fugu

The puffer fish is considered a delicacy, but has a terrible reputation. If it’s made with violation of technology is dangerous because it’s toxic. Today this fish is so popular that it is grown artificially, but even that is not cheap. A chef who specializes in fugu must undergo special training and have many years of experience and a license. Ordinary Japanese eat fugu once or twice a year, as it is a very expensive dish, which costs from 100 to 200 dollars, sometimes more. Fish caught at sea, is worth more than one that is artificially grown.

8. Kudzira

For many years the Japanese whaling industry in the media has a nasty reputation, but whale meat is still served in restaurants as a delicacy. The local population uses it on a regular basis, probably because of the price, and perhaps because it is a delicacy. At most restaurants, which serves dishes made of whale meat, even signs in English. The most expensive whale meat is called onomi. It’s a piece from the dorsal fin to the caudal fin. 1 kg of meat costs $ 200.

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The most expensive dishes in the world
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