5 delicious salads for every day
  Ingredients: 2,5 tbsp. of pasta;2/3 tbsp. chopped red onion;15 cherry tomatoes;1 tbsp. diced cucumber;3/4 tbsp. sliced black olives;sliced 3/4 tbsp. green pepper;1 tbsp. of feta cheese. For the sauce:…

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Meat dishes
Galloping John My first acquaintance with a combination of beans and rice took place in Brazil - I was frankly surprised when at lunch we were served boiled rice and…

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Recipes meatless dishes

Lent is one of the most strict and most important of all posts.

In the post Smoking and alcohol. Serves in the post should not contain meat, fish, milk and eggs, muffins, candy, mayonnaise. The recipes of the dishes served during lent, should contain products of plant origin. For example, the vegetable dish of cauliflower, potatoes, rice, vegetables, eggplant, pumpkin, zucchini, mushrooms, bean will be appropriate at your Desk on the days of fasting. Also post in appropriate fruit, pickles, crackers, nuts, brown bread, porridge on the water. And the celebrations of the Annunciation and palm Sunday holiday are resolved Lenten fish dishes.

The first and the last week is the most strict fast. In “Clean Monday” made to starve. On the first Friday of eat kolivo – boiled wheat with honey and sugar.

Next: Monday, Wednesday, Friday — xerophagy (water, bread, fruits, vegetables, compotes). Tuesday, Thursday — hot food without vegetable oil. Saturday, Sunday — food with vegetable oil.

Don’t confuse Lenten dishes and vegetarian dishes. Vegetarianism does not exclude butter, milk, cheeses, eggs, but not fish. At the time, as in lent Lenten recipes do not contain dairy products and eggs, in the days of less strict fasting is allowed, eating fish, eggs and seafood.

Many modern people think meatless food is not very tasty and not useful. But today the recipes during lent varied, and sometimes food during lent is much tastier than regular food.

In the section of meatless dishes, where vegetable recipes with Here you will find and meatless recipes for soups, salads, vegetable recipes, second courses, vegetable dishes, dietary meals. Meatless meals can also be cooked in casseroles, beans, mushrooms, cabbage.

Meatless meals, recipes which I have collected on my  — traditional, and they use the most common products.

Elderly, sick people, children and pregnant women in General may be exempted from strict fasting. Can we not fast travelers and the military.

In Russia for children has always acted on the following rule: they fasted only for the first and last week of lent is Holy Week, when I remember the death of Christ on the cross. Now parents, with the father’s approval, determine the recipes of Lenten dishes for the baby. Your baby Mama can cook simple, tasty vegetable recipes for every day. Quite useful will be the child of meatless entrees,

Recipes meatless variety table, and in our days more and more people are looking for meatless meal recipes on the Internet. To prepare the dishes for the Lenten table is not as difficult, often even eaten raw. As mentioned above on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. Therefore to stand at the stove you will have only the remaining days, which will save a lot of time and effort.

But remember! The rejection of animal food during Lent is not considered a key objective of the post. Its main direction is to purify man spiritually. Bodily cleansing should be combined with transformation of the soul. “The true fasting is the removal of evil, the curbing of the language, the deposition of anger, the taming of passions, the cessation of slander, lies, clitoristube”.

Meat and meat products
Meat and meat products Due to its high nutritional and taste qualities of meat is the most valuable food products. Meat is the most popular and demanded product in the…

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